Don’t Procrastinate.

One final post for today.

‘Ragged Heart’ was started in 2012, yep, two years ago. The plot, research and about 1200 words, Then nothing more. For two years! OK, so ‘life’ got in the way a little perhaps, circumstances. But looking back, I did have time to write. What was lacking? Motivation, creativity, passion? I don’t know. But I could have written two books in that time.

I don’t beat myself up over it, but try to learn. I’m now in my early fifties, just beginning a life long desire to write stories. I should have done it years ago. At my age one is aware of the limited time available to us, perhaps you see wasted years.

My advice based on that? If you’ve got something you want to do, and you have a passion for it, then do it! Much has been written in literature and contemporary songs about the passing of time. Don’t allow yourself to feel a strong desire to do something then realise ten years have passed with nothing done. Grab your passion and ACT, now!


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