COVID 19, The Draconian Legacy, and the fragility of society.

Our society is too fragile. People have become weaker, mentally and physically. Our infrastructure, economy, world trade and commerce, are so finely balanced that a small perturbation will bring the whole lot crashing down.

There is little resilience in western society.

In Britain, we could not face a scenario such as WW2 in this present age and survive, emotionally or economically. People are too comfortable now, they have too much to loose, their willingness to give it all up and die for their country has gone. For too long, parents have asked why their children have come back in body bags, the combatants are asking ‘what are we fighting for?’ For sure, it is not the defence of the nation. It is for oil, money, power, to make the rich richer, and to enrich the military-industrial corporations. Perhaps it has always been so? Maybe. But in the case of WW2, it was primarily the threat of Hitler. It was good v evil. We couldn’t do it again. We are incapable of that level of sacrifice.

With the COVID 19 pandemic, we have seen massive damage to the world economy. Businesses have folded under the pressure. Sure, governments have poured billions into trying to shore them up, for example the furlough scheme in the UK. But it can’t save them all. And where is all the money coming from?

As in ‘quantitative easing’ the cash is simply being printed out of thin air. This further weakens currency, it is based on nothing, neither services nor reserves. It will be for the next generation to pay it all back

Food supply chain wobbles have seen increases in starving people running into tens of millions. Even in Western nations, food bank queues have grown to staggering sizes, a recent one in the UK extended to 2 kilometres.

Yet this is a virus with a survival rate of about 99.3%. It is NOT a killer disease, it is a disease of public health concern. The world has gone mad, the number of batshit crazy ideas spewed out over the past months is mind blowing.  The pandemic of irrational thought goes way beyond COVID. Critical thinking is a rarity amongst the masses of brainwashed sheeple. Governments have lied and are working towards more authoritarian rule. Normality will never return. Stand by for the ‘new normal’ being a far cry from that.

Plans are afoot to vaccinate under 18’s, the risk to them is so small they don’t even need it! Now, vaccine trials are planned for babies from 6 months old up to 11 year olds. Sheer insanity and outright child abuse! 70 year old’s in the UK will be offered their third vaccination in a year this autumn, to ‘protect them against COVID variants’. Cancer, heart disease, severely diabetic patients etc. are not being seen. Dental health appointments are being missed.  Ireland has stated that their cancer treatment should get back to normal at the end of 2021 or early 2022. So what is happening now? Cancer patients are dying in their thousands.

Posit – what would happen if a true killer virus hit the western world? Pick a figure of a 75% survival rate. This is reasonable and is well within the range of fatality from Dengue fever, Ebola, SARS, MERS etc. So, in the UK, it kills not the official COVID mortality currently stated as 126,000, but 15 million people across all age groups, in America 70 million. Our society would not survive, especially if governments pursued the current course of attempted disease mitigation.

This level of death would impact all levels of society, all jobs. Some power stations would go off-line due to lack of staff; mass blackouts, no heat or light. Supermarket shelves would empty due to supply chain problems, some grass roots food suppliers would disappear with farm owners and workers dying. Health service staffing levels would reduce, further exacerbating the situation. Mortuaries and undertakers? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

This could happen in the near future, the ‘virus x’ scientists have warned of. If that happens in the next few years we are screwed. We’ll still be paying for COVID 19, a relatively benign disease. There will be nothing left in the coffers to pay for the fight against a true killer virus. But we’d be screwed anyway; if this is the response to COVID, God help us if we get a real pandemic.

The Draconian Legacy is based on the premise of a true and deadly pandemic involving billions of deaths. With such a level of mortality, the economy collapses, it is impossible for it to survive, there is nothing that can be done. Society as we know it is finished.

With total financial collapse, there are three possible scenarios.

  1. Total authoritarian government – an Orwellian 1984-like future
  2. The collapse of society, every man for himself – a Mad Max future
  3. A New World, born out of a shift in human consciousness. Not a New World Order, but a new Golden Age.

Scenario 3 is the basis of The Draconian Legacy. The next level of human evolution, an evolution in consciousness.

We should be positive about the future, but we must fight excessive government and attacks by them on our fundamental freedoms. The change in consciousness is happening right now, climate awareness, the truth and lies about COVID 19, animal welfare, anti-war sentiment, the awakening to freedom etc.

Human beings are waking up at an exponentially increasing rate. Faith in government is reducing. We need a shock that destroys the current status quo. Financial collapse is already on the table, ‘virus x’ is likely, climate change will soon reach a tipping point causing mass displacement of populations and famine, or the Earth herself may instigate a cull to rid herself of the scourge of mankind, keeping just enough of our magnificent culture to enrich the planet.

Only when the House of Cards falls can we take back this world for everyone and herald the dawning of a new Golden Age of humanity. It will be hard for some, many will not survive, but it has to come. Only then will humanity achieve its full potential.

Perhaps the beginnings will come this autumn/winter. The full hit from COVID 19, I believe, will happen then. That is assuming we are out of lock downs. If not, then add mass riots and civil disobedience to the mix.

People’s immune systems will be depleted by:

  1. Social distancing/lockdown – no exposure to common colds, flu, etc for more than 18 months
  2. Social distancing/lockdown – lack of close exposure to others, no opportunity for our learned immune system to stay strong from exposure to a wide range of pathogens.
  3. Lockdown/house arrest – reduced level of exposure to sunlight, essential for production of vitamin D, which in turn, is essential for a strong immune system.
  4. Covid vaccine – will further compromise immune systems.

Then we can factor in vaccine immune variants of COVID. You can’t play catch up with a virus which can mutate in 10 hours.

Untold thousands will probably die.

Perhaps this is what governments are aiming for, a simple solution to reduce carbon emissions and the cost of supporting too many people, pensions, healthcare etc. Doubt this? Wake up to what is happening! The ones who pull the strings have made no secret of their belief that there are too many people. Do you think they are not looking for a way to orchestrate a mass cull? How about the thousands of old people being transferred from hospital to nursing homes last year with DNR notices slapped on them? That is under investigation, but where did those instructions come from?

As regards the COVID vaccination, there are at least 2 mechanisms by which it could  possibly go horribly wrong. ‘Virus immune escape’ and ‘immune super priming’. They are not conjecture, but are based on science and past experience. Unfortunately, the likely outcome of such a disaster would be to see the deaths as being caused by COVID, not as being caused indirectly by the vaccine. Result – more vaccines leading to more death, a vicious circle

I will be declining the Experimental COVID vaccine, as I do the annual flu vaccine offered in my workplace. I’m already ‘vaccinated’, it is called my immune system, and I take considerable care in maintaining that in full working order – exercise, a healthy plant based diet with specific immune boosting foods, Qi Gong, and consistent daily consumption of Master Tonic, aka Fire Cider or Four Thieves Tonic. Plus a positive mental attitude.

Winter 2021/2022 is going to be very interesting!

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Existential Experience


A gap of two months or so since my last post, whoa, time flies! It’s been a busy time with three weeks away sailing, editing my first book, working on the cover, getting close to finishing the first draft of my next book, planning another cover, learning more about self published marketing, producing a five-year plan for my writing, creating the plot for my next book (actually a series of five books, OMG what task have I set myself!), plus holding down my day job, and more. Something had to give and it was this blog.

But back to the title and the photo –

The picture was taken at one of my favourite places, Loch Tarbert, Isle of Jura in the Scottish Highlands. The rainbow was stunning and stayed as it is in the photo, about half a mile away, for about thirty minutes.

Now, the opinion I want to express, and the theme of this post –

The photo is attractive, though it would have been taken better by a professional photographer with superior equipment (rather than a point and shoot iphone). But that is beside the point. No matter how good the photo it cannot replace the experience of being there. The colours will not render as true to nature, however ‘HD’ they are. There is no record of the smells, the touch of wind on my face, the sound of birdsong, the taste of the salt air, the immaculate peace of the moment, experiencing all those things right there, whilst witnessing the scene.

This is one reason I don’t take photographs very often. I see a beautiful sight in my daily life, or visit places on sailing adventures where the scenery is spectacular over a field of view of 360 degrees. You can’t photograph that, images yes, the experience, no. If I experience a profoundly beautiful moment, perhaps with wildlife or a fantastic view then show a photo of such, and this has happened, the response is usually something like  ‘oh, that’s nice’. No! It wasn’t ‘nice’, it was fucking amazing! But you have to have been there. You can’t experience someone elses experiences.

What about using photos to assist memory? The only photographs I would wish to re-view are those of scenes that are so ingrained in my memory that the moment lasts a lifetime, so the photos would be redundant anyway. A danger is that by reaching for a camera, focusing and composing, we lose the moment, not for the image but for ourselves, especially a fleeting moment.

I recall a moment many years ago while sailing in the Western Approaches, somewhere between Ireland and Lands End. It was dawn, a warm sunrise, a placid sea and blue skies, no land in sight, perfect peace and tranquility after the previous day of harsh weather. But then it became sublime; a school of a dozen or so dolphins broke the surface, and played with the boat.

 As they surged at the bow, shot under the keel, and entertained themselves I called my then wife who was asleep. She didn’t hear. I considered searching for my camera, or going below to shake her, but resisted. I didn’t know how long the moment would last, ten minutes or a few seconds. So instead I ignored the desire to record the event on film and ‘recorded’ that beautiful moment in my mind. 20-plus years later the memory and the feelings are still with me, as clear as the moment in which they happened. I had learnt a valuable lesson.

It is not possible to experience life through tv, social media, video, glossy magazines, etc, nor with the distraction of being permanenly connected to a smartphone as if you have no life without one. These are entertainment and tools for modern living, not life itself, but they have become the bulk of what many people experience as ‘life’, living through other people’s experiences, force-fed beliefs and opinions, losing their own; plugged into the Matrix of media.

As an exception I would argue (with some bias!) that a good novelist can transport you to new realms of experience, though you are still living his/her experience or creation not your own.

I love a fascinating insight by Stephen King in his book ‘On Writing’, he says that a book is telepathy. Really, it is. A book you may be reading is implanting facts or a story in your mind from the mind of the author many years and miles distant. From his mind to yours across time and space – telepathy truly! A beautiful thought.

The only way to experience life is through your own actions and state of mind. To be present in the moment, alive to your surroundings through every sense. To go out and live new sights, to search out new experiences, and create your own world. For creating our world is what we actually do, we create our own reality – the subject of forthcoming posts.

Existential experience of life, not existence by proxy.

To finish, a couple of loosely related images. How not to live in the moment. Both humorous and a sad indictment of the current state of much of ‘civilised’ society 🙂the_zombie_apocalypse_has_begun_big


Star Tripping


In star spanned dreams I ventured

Through time and space unending

No point of reference I saw offered

For time existed no more

And distance was beyond measure

How small my being and unknown

Until next I was present in all

Consciousness spanned and joined

With all stars, galaxies and universes

The atoms of my being ceased to be

And were dispersed through infinity

Their true home, boundless

Spread through the vastness

Yet condensed to the singularity

Of one knowing point of existence

And in the majesty of all,

Looking back towards me

As a reflection, I saw your face

So we created existence, you and I

Together with all sentient beings

Through the desire of thought

And we gloried in the structure

Of a creation built of love.

Heart Music


When the beloved calls

The song in the heart

Is he Song of Songs

The ancient vibration

Of cosmic love

The sound of eternity


When the beloved calls

A vibration so fine

Dissolves all matter

To its true reality

Which is the non-existent

Ephemeral product of mind


When the beloved calls

Only the frequency

That binds energy

To itself in structure

Appears as solid form

Tremors in the matrix


When the beloved calls

The pull in the heart

Is the knowing of life

Immortal, never formed

Never ending, bound

In one unifying awareness


When the beloved calls

The union is seen

Vibrations in harmony

Nothing more is present

The meeting of souls

With the music of the spheres

The Healer


We knew not from where he came

perhaps out of the air itself

To those who had the sight

his hands, old and wizened

glowed with an aura of azure blue

as did his shoeless feet while

golden light adorned his head

and within eyes dark and fathomless

shone the light of a thousand stars


For many days he dwelt among us

He partook not of water nor wine

neither consumed our food

but lived by unseen energy

He taught us to feel the power

through our heads and feet and hands

that one day we may be like him

Free in body and mind, sustained by air.


He tended our sickness with care

and made us whole once more

He gave to us his wisdom

To eat not of animal, fowl or fish

those creatures you should love

But be content to consume

those that have no eyes to see

the vegetation, seed and fruit


For these beings are your friends too

but created from the beginning

to work with you in harmony

sustaining your body matter

even the smallest atoms of your being

of those parts you have yet no knowledge

To nurture, protect and fortify

against all malevolence and disease.


But be sure, he said, with stern eye

that you follow the Mother’s way

Then she will care for you always

Her wellbeing is yours also

Only by human hand and love

should your food be grown

not touched by machine or denaturised

nor adulterated with unnatural substance


We grew strong in vibrancy and health

Of those remaining with dis-ease

he laid upon them his hands

telling them to know the source

That he was a mere catalyst

the power to heal came forth

from themselves, from within

And they understood and were cured


We were saddened at the parting time

But he told that we had been together

since the beginning of time, grieve not.

There is no separation, we are one

together with the earth and cosmos

Then his body began to fade

leaving only his light which soon

dissolved back from whence it came


I write this, millennia later, remembering,

and bearing witness in dismay to the follies

as we have lost our way and turned

away from the Mother in greed

Endemic sickness abounds where Instead

we should be free from the distraction

of frail bodies and their maladies

To raise our souls to our higher purpose


And so the beacon shines once again

calling the true healers to come forth

to rebuild the garden of life

to purge the darkness from this world

to make well the ills we have caused

for we have made them ourselves

Cleanse the Mother and her children will follow

ageless, strong in spirit, body and mind.