Rotation of Life


Spring brings forth life

overflowing in the sun

the bounty of earth

and sea and sky

life surges ahead


Baby becomes child

exploring the world

discovering herself

yearning for what may be

limitless in potential


Into summertime

life grows strong

in warmth and light

joy and love spur

the blossoming


Child becomes man

separating from mother

venturing on in hope

searching for love

and joy to come


Autumn, the slowing

taking stock, the shadow

of a future so near

nature fortifies herself

as days darken


The woman settles

becomes entrenched

in life not quite

what was her intent

but so little time left


Winters onslaught cleanses

in wind, rain and ice

laying bare the land

stripping the dream

of summer gone


The man ages fast

his time all spent

as limbs fade and

body weakens until his

return to mother earth


As winter’s chill ends

and new life beckons

the cycle renews

in eternal rotation

of beginning and end


The child is born again

spring brings forth life






New Dawn

Winter’s freezing chill
given bitter edge
by wind and rain
persists and will not
ease its icy grip.

Not yet awhile
but change beckons
as days grow longer
sun fights back, rising
higher, golden yellow.

 eason of cleansing
stripping bare all
stir not the seeds of spring
your time comes soon
beyond the final frost.

I crave the warmth
of summer sun
and vernal equinox
with fellow creatures
awaiting dark to light.