Elementals #4



Oh boundless sea, the cradle of life
To whom all rivers and tears run
United in a grand matrix
The consciousness of the planet

The great master of change and
renewal, your energy magnificent
shaping continents, carving your face
Upon the mantle of mother earth

You are her life blood, her circulation
Within your turbulent currents
Lies the wisdom of the ages
Remembered and locked in your vastness

Purity and fertility is your nature
And in your depths springs intuition
the power to reflect, without bounds.
To understand our life purpose.

We feel an affinity with your soul
You show the way to transformation
As so easily you change your state
From liquid to vapour, matter to spirit.

We will return to the source
As we begin to know you again
Water, the bearer of vitality
The medium of our own life force.

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Elementals #3



The spark of life
Impetuous joy
Lighting the world
Carefree and light
Bringing warmth,
wild, bold and bright.

The spirit of dance
Passionate, burning
With brash intensity
Blazing a trail
The torch bearer
Conquering darkness

You are the beacon
Yet you live to consume
Transforming all matter
To finer existence
Purifying with love
Bonding and fusing.

Vigorously clothed
In radiant colours
Rainbow hues entice
and lure, but not too close
for your bite is acid and
zealous in its ambition.

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Elementals #2




Ephemeral cloak of elegance
Clinging skin tight around the earth
Invisible but felt, giver of breath
Graceful, inspiring and lifting

The fabric of your domain
A subtle medium, so gentle
You raise the spirit higher
in the lightness of your touch.

The soul excels in the freedom
As you envelope its being
Mental clarity soars to new heights
A vision clarified in azure blue

You draw us to spirituality as
The lightest of the elements
An ideal to yearn towards
I pause and kiss the sky.


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Elementals #1




Solidarity with mother earth
Protecting her nurturing instinct
At one with her heavenly movement
You stand sure-footed on her soil

In her forests you meditate
Upon the foundations of order
Watching her children grow
Possessing the gift of healing.

You are grounded, existing deep
In tune with her vibration
The guardian of all that fly, crawl,
walk and swim within her realm

The earth is life and belonging
In circles of vast complexity
She does not belong to us
We belong to her, the great mother.

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Two Paths, One Choice – a fantasy

My novel was half complete and bearing heavily on me after six hours of non-stop writing, I needed a break. As I stepped outside, the cool, fresh evening air hit me; it felt good as I drew in lungfuls, breathing in its life force. The moon was full and the skies clear, perforated by a trillion stars. I began to walk and my niggling headache subsided.

I passed neighbouring houses, most with lights ablaze and pondered the lives being enacted within; always the prerogative of a writer to imagine and create from what he sees. My thoughts reached out and expanded to the street, the town, the country, the heavens and all of creation. I felt dizzy, intoxicated by the infinite.

I needed nature, the peace and strength of trees, so headed to the nearby woodland; a regular walking place day or night.

The creaking boughs welcomed me into their embrace, the moon sparkled through the branches and the wind played with the leaves. I stood still, deep in the wood, absorbing the relentless energy; then a strange feeling came over me.

I felt as though I were being transported in my mind, seeing deeper, further than ever before. My mind flew high over the trees, surveying a wondrous expanse of countryside with ocean beyond, all too brief – I was plunged back into reality.

A new sound grasped my attention, a chanting, then a light. A small fire burned nearby, from where the voice emanated. Curious, I moved to see more.

A woman, old and dressed in black, was drawing the flames towards her, I was compelled to draw closer. She was pulling me into her circle.

The woman looked up, sensing my approach long before she could possibly see me, she beckoned.

“Come near, friend,” she said.

I obeyed.

“You are looking for something, your future. I see you, all of you.”

I was uncomfortable with her penetrating gaze and slow, intimidating tone.

“Do not be afraid.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is not important. I am what you might call a witch. I can give you what you want.”

At what cost, I thought.

“No cost, unless you make the wrong choice.”

I hadn’t spoken.

“You are perplexed. You write, great words, oh yes. But you wonder where it will lead. Correct?”

“Um, yes, I guess so.”

“I can give you success, I can bestow fame and glory upon you. Or I can give you truth.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“Simple. You have two choices. To be a writer of popular fiction, through which you will gain fame and riches. Or, to be true to your art, to write from your soul, not caring for profit or renown. To go down in history as a literary genius. Your choice. Decide now and I will give. Or spend years wondering what to do.”

I thought long and hard, what was she offering? Success on one hand, struggle on the other. In my heart I knew the answer, it had to be for truth and beauty. I was compelled to give a response.

“I choose art.”

“Very well, it is yours.”

“Why are you doing this? There has to be a catch, a price.”

“No, friend. I owe a debt to your great-grandmother. She saved me from persecution, many, many years ago. In return I promised to help her great-grandson, you, to achieve great rewards as a writer. Just as your mother did.”

“But I’ve chosen the path of hardship!”

“Is that what you think? Go and write your heart out. If you do that you will reap untold rewards, people will love your work, you will be famous.”

“But I thought that was the reward for the other path?”

“Did you? Write your truth. I can say no more, the promise is fulfilled. You will see. Now go.”

The witch disappeared, vanishing into the flames which died immediately. I stayed a while in that place, until I knew the truth, for the first time, of who my mother really was.

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