A new year, another 365 days, 8760 hours. What changes?

Did you make a New Year resolution? I didn’t. We are evolving continuously and the artificial gateway of the dawn of a new year doesn’t alter its progress one iota.

Sure, it is wonderful to party, to get together with fiends and family and celebrate. It is also vital to reflect on the previous year, to take stock, make plans and set goals for the year ahead.

But New Years Resolutions are usually empty promises, created by the feeling that you should make some changes to your life. They are hollow, lacking substance, and are as likely to be thrown away after the heady rush of celebrations as the Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

What then do we do, we, the creators? We who are seeking to reach higher, to push ourselves to achieve. We carry on in flow, from last year to this one.

Be awesome and be humble!

Be Awesome

If you are a writer, a painter or other creative, pursue your art with passion and vigour. Be sure to know yourself, the ‘why’ of your purpose. Strive to be your best and work towards becoming better. Push your work out into the world, if you have given it your all it deserves to be seen. Don’t hide your light under a bushel.

You are unique, you grow by creating, aim for huge! Turn your nose up at fear, face it with the strength and power of your truth. There is nothing to fear except prevaricating over what you know you must do. There is no failure, you can only succeed or quit.

Reflect on last year, honestly. Did you achieve what you set out to? If you didn’t analyse why; gain more knowledge if you need to, learn to manage time if you lacked the hours, practice your art more. Increase your resolve, raise the bar.

Do what you did last year, do it more and do it better, be awesome!

Be Humble

We are a polarity, especially as creators. We are curious breed of being, filled with an urge and passion yet, at the same time, we can feel small and frightened by the challenge. To create work which ours, our mark on the world, takes a degree of ego. It is an act of saying ‘look at me, look at my work’, yet it should not be egotistical.

Your work is part of a greater whole, you are not alone. Be grateful for your gift and the help you have received, all the information others have shared freely on the internet to aid your craft, whatever support you have received from spouse/partner/editor/publisher/readers/reviewers.

Be humble, your work is great, but keep it in perspective. If you didn’t exist the world would go on and there would still be art. Your work adds to the rich tapestry and is a worthy endeavour; follow your calling but see it for what it is with humility and grace.

Love what you do and make it happen from your heart, then share it, that is all that is important.

Be awesome and humble!

What Do You Eat, Living or Dead?

Four legs
Two legs
No legs but fins
Fellow creatures
Who walk this earth
Or swim the oceans
Rivers and lakes
Or soar in the sky
I will not harm
My needs are met
With plants
Energy of the growing seed
Sun blessed leaves
Sprouted beans
Magical foods
Soil plants
Nurtured by mother earth
Still living
As they join and become one
With me.
Leave the creatures
To live their lives
They have their own purpose
They do not belong to us
I do not need them
And what if I did
Partake of their flesh?
What do I consume?
Death and decay
Cold blood
Rotting tissue
The price of killing
A fellow-creature
Why do we do it
When we don’t need to?

I have been a vegan for the past 13 months or so. I have drifted in and out of vegetarianism throughout my life and had always considered veganism to be extreme. Something awoke in me last year when suddenly, I realised it is not extreme. I’m not a fanatic and haven’t gone to the extent of throwing away leather belts and shoes that I already own or researching to the nth degree what products contain a trace of animal product. Essentially I avoid eating, where possible, animal products; meat, fish, fowl and dairy.

Why? There are two main reasons.
1. Animal welfare – there is no such thing as compassion in farming, how can there be if you end up killing. There has to be distress. Why kill animals when we can get a balanced diet without doing so?
2. Health – I personally believe that, on the whole, it is a healthier diet if it is pursued with research to learn what the body needs.

You can argue on either or both points, but this is my truth :)

I am not trying to convert, it is wrong to try to change people in any respect, that is a cosmic law, to show and to inspire is the only way. Each must come to their own understanding.

Part of what changed me last year was the viewing of some videos; I guess they came to me when the time was right, as is so often the case; I was already on a quest. Here is a link to one of them; I encourage you to view it (all 95 minutes of it!) it should make you think 

EARTHLINGS – is the single most powerful and informative documentary about society’s tragic and unforgivable use of nonhuman animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby

The link should work, but if not, it’s all over YouTube and many other sources.

The Daily Post

When Life Transcends Work.

The Daily Post

Living a purposeful and fulfilled life can mean different things to different people.

There are those who are employed in a job which they enjoy or even love. Or work that they are content with, balanced with a home life filled with love, passions and hobbies. For a rare few, a career that is a true vocation; the realm of professions where one finds teachers, doctor, nurses, priests, aid workers, spiritual teachers, even lawyers and politicians, and many more who are fired with the spirit to make the world a better place. Whose hearts are in it not for the money or glory, which may be there if they want it, but for the greater good or to serve their fellow man.

Unfortunately that is not the lot for many employees. Many would quit their jobs if it was not for the necessity of paying the bills or a better job could be found. Some are trapped, any belief in a better life is long since dead; any vision beaten out of them by the system until they succumb to the false belief that this is as good as it gets. Going down the scale further are those living on social security when fit and able to work, squandering their lives, often in drink and drugs; directionless, unmotivated and consumed by a general malaise. Oh, if I had only half the time they have!

A lucky few win the lottery with a big enough sum to give up work. But how many of those fall by the wayside, after spending their millions, because there is no purpose in their lives other than materialism?

But there is another group, those who live lives of their own choosing, by design; building an inspiring business or pursuing one of the arts perhaps, living free and creatively, wanting to make the world a better place by what they create, touching peoples lives. Some make a fortune, others just enough to survive. If they are following their dreams then money is not important, only the greater goal. However they do it, life is lived on their terms.

Where am I? Somewhere between a content employee in a job I enjoy and find interesting, and the desire to live my own life, with dreams of living as a writer and artist. Is writing work? To an extent perhaps, to earn enough to live means paying attention to the business aspects. But it isn’t work in the common sense, it is a calling, a passion, something you can’t live without doing. As is often said ‘a writer would write even if he knew he would never be paid for it’. When work is done through love, it is no longer toil.

I hear, in my own circles, people discussing what they would do if they suddenly came into a small fortune. I have never heard any response other than what they would buy or not buy e.g. a bigger house, a better car. For me a large sum of money would buy freedom; freedom to follow creative endeavours, to live unconstrained by a fixed workplace waiting for the next pay-check.

Will I achieve it? I’m working on it, perhaps it is easier than I think; a question of self belief. But if I never earn enough to quit my day job it will be an enjoyable ride and retirement will be a busy and fruitful time 🙂 In the meantime, life is wonderful, I have a purpose beyond the daily tasks of life, a dream, a goal. To me, that is success!

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t’

The Daily Post