Spring Senses

I saw the light brighten
The days lengthen
I saw flowers bloom
Fragrant in colours bright
I saw the awakening
The end of sleep.

I heard joyful birdsong
Sweet melody
The rustle of fresh leaves
Warm wind whistling
I heard the laughter
Of children at play

I felt the chill ebb away
The sun rising high
I felt the morning dew
On lush green grass
I felt life surge through
My feet from the earth

I smelt the new breeze
The taste on my tongue
Of sweet spring water
I smelt the earth opening
Flowering, pushing, blossoming
Senses alive.

I rested in solitude and peace
In a quiet, sunny glade
Remembering winter past
Delighting in the present
Earth and grass upon my back
And flowers all around.

Written for Neha’s Spring Collaboration at ForgottenMeadows

Shown The Narrow Way


Follow me
leave the wide straight road
find the narrow winding path
with unknown end
the course of mystics
saints, artists and poets
through age upon age
on the ultimate quest

Come with me
as I guide you through trails
long trod by brave souls
past dark caverns
and bottomless pits
darkness that tempts
along the way
but do not fear

Hold my hand
until we reach the treasure
the unfolding of beauty
fields of light we now walk
in warm sun amongst
soft grass and flowers
of every hue and colour
bright and joyful in life

Follow me now
to the eternal forest
though no sight of sky
there is light, see
from the trees themselves
stop and listen awhile
to the wisdom
of their ancient language

They tell of a time
before time was, before the fall
they have seen all that is
and all that will be
know this when you sit with them
they will give you solace
in grief or pain
these quiet watchers of eternity

Come let me show
all creatures in peace
the bird plays with cat
the chicken with the fox
and deer with lion
free from fear of man
no death nor killing here
true nature returns

Follow me now
to the clearing and sit awhile
speak of what you have seen
recall you left no footprint
remember how all are equal
free from the blinding shroud
of man’s technology
and machines

Now friend you know
I am glad you followed
but this place is not for us
no, you must return
to write, compose or paint
tell, all who will listen, what awaits
when they turn away from folly
to the truth of spirit.

In ages past
we lived free from burden
pain and fear of death
we walked and left no mark
we lived by the energy in the air
in love with the earth and all living things
to this glory we will return
I give you this promise

Go now friend, and show the way


What Remains?


when all that you have built crumbles
when your fight has been for nought
when your castles surrender to the sea
as all which is material will
what then is left my friend?

I’ll tell

that which holds your heart
that which moves to laughter or tears
the friendships and joys of life
all that is eternal is yours to keep
made of spirit, light and love.

Roots of Inequality

The Roots of Inequality

From the millionaire seated in his luxurious office, or on board his multimillion dollar motor yacht, or in one of his many mansions, to the man, child or woman struggling to find a crust of bread on the streets of Mumbai, London, Mombasa or any one of a thousand locations; life is full of inequality.

So many have everything and yet so many more have nothing. In our hearts we ask why? Those of us who have enough. Then we cast the thoughts aside while we continue to pursue our own tiny lives, believing they will get better, striving to make them better, believing more will make us happier. Some donate to charity, a worthy endeavour, yet, while easing their guilt or angst it does little to change the world. Resources are ‘diverted’ by those wanting to take their cut. meanwhile, many western economies have, in recent years, printed billions of dollars worth of currency out of thin air to prop up their failing economies, not a cent of which is seen by those who need it just to acquire food.

What creates this equality when there is enough food and water in the world to sustain us all? When their is enough wealth for every single person on our planet to be housed, educated, clothed and have the benefit of full medical facilities?

1. Greed – most people are still in the grip of the ego. It tries to protect itself, ultimately by having more than it will ever need, could ever want. It doesn’t care. Oh, the higher self may be struck with pity or the desire to do something but the ego will soon override any compassion for its own survival. It is our base nature that has become the demon which controls our lives. And so those with power and wealth simply crave more of it, for their own ends, forsaking those less well off. Which leads to…

2. War – It is the same story. How can we bring ourselves to kill our fellow beings in the name of religion, or for a political ideal or for land? Land which is every persons birthright. Land that was given to all humankind to tend and nurture. How can anyone believe ‘this land belongs to me’. Once again, see greed and ego above. What makes a person or nation say ‘my God is the only true God’ or ‘my form of democracy/communism/ fascism (add whatever ideology you want) is the only way’.

These two are the prime causes of inequality. Whenever you argue with someone or don’t accept their point of view or try to change that person, you are enacting the same dysfunctional mindset that leads to war and greed. As above, so below, the microcosm and the macrocosm.

It all comes down to the same root cause, ego. We are not who we think we are, free and independent spirits, while in the grip of the ego, we are lost; inequality and barbarism will continue. The egoistic mind was a tool granted to us to enable deep analytical though, that the universe may become self aware by mankind’s understanding of it. But thought became all. ‘I think, therefore I am’ as stated by Rene Descartes, was believed to be an epiphany, but it was a fallacy. We are not our thoughts. For most of the time when we think, which for most people is all the time, we allow ourselves to be in the grip of the ego. As we have grown in learning and thought so the ego has become the monster which has taken over our lives, assimilating with us so well that we believe it is who we are. It is not.

Our true selves lie hidden behind and must be reawakened.

But the struggle is on, right now, to overcome our pygmy selves. People are reaching out, the beginnings of revolution, though not in the traditional sense. Many are searching for new religions, new beliefs and ultimately finding the path to their true selves through mediation; the method par excellence which is open to all, and through which can know that we are all equal and intrinsically linked to the entire cosmos. But most, in the western world, are still not quite ready to give up what they have, the ego, even when subdued, remains present.

As the world changes so will they, then the masses. Understanding, or rather, inner-standing will become the norm. More people everyday are beginning to see the inequality of the world, not as a cursory thought, but as a deep feeling that is something very wrong. There is a mass movement against globalisation, demonstrations at G8 summits, a growing concern about a New World Order; it will not be allowed to happen. The world belongs to everyone, not the few. I recall the story of a Queen concert many years ago; Freddie Mercury told the audience ‘there is no dancing allowed in this auditorium, but if you all get up there is nothing they can do about it!’ That is how the future will change.

An objective view of the human race as a unit; ‘delusional, prone to out-breaks of mass murder and theft, paranoid in the extreme and wrecking it’s own home to make it eventually uninhabitable’. Of course, there is much good in the world too, mankind has achieved wonders, but balance is lacking. Behind the smiling faces of politicians the world is tearing itself apart.

The revolution will come when we reach the ‘tipping point’, which will come, when enough people stand up and say “enough!” It has to come, for the sake of us all and the planet itself, home for all of us as brothers and sisters, no matter what colour or beliefs. It will be a painful night for many but in the new dawn we will live in peace, harmony and love.

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The Crystal Castle

The previous post was in response to a writing challenge from Chuck Wendig and the following poem was formed in parallel inspiration with the short story, if that makes sense; I’ve no idea how the mind works sometimes 🙂

The Crystal Castle

Crystal castle, shining
with ephemeral light
radiating through all creation
holding in its core
all truth and knowledge
all wisdom and love
abounding with succour
the sanctuary of souls.

Angels come hence
to rest their auras
safe from battles
against darkness
and blind ignorance
delighting in the peace
and presence of the one
who guides and loves.

In the halls of learning
the word is spread
to all who come
travellers in space and time
the words of truth
that love is all
in the crystal castle, shining
as a beacon of hope, eternal.

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What Do You Eat, Living or Dead?

Four legs
Two legs
No legs but fins
Fellow creatures
Who walk this earth
Or swim the oceans
Rivers and lakes
Or soar in the sky
I will not harm
My needs are met
With plants
Energy of the growing seed
Sun blessed leaves
Sprouted beans
Magical foods
Soil plants
Nurtured by mother earth
Still living
As they join and become one
With me.
Leave the creatures
To live their lives
They have their own purpose
They do not belong to us
I do not need them
And what if I did
Partake of their flesh?
What do I consume?
Death and decay
Cold blood
Rotting tissue
The price of killing
A fellow-creature
Why do we do it
When we don’t need to?

I have been a vegan for the past 13 months or so. I have drifted in and out of vegetarianism throughout my life and had always considered veganism to be extreme. Something awoke in me last year when suddenly, I realised it is not extreme. I’m not a fanatic and haven’t gone to the extent of throwing away leather belts and shoes that I already own or researching to the nth degree what products contain a trace of animal product. Essentially I avoid eating, where possible, animal products; meat, fish, fowl and dairy.

Why? There are two main reasons.
1. Animal welfare – there is no such thing as compassion in farming, how can there be if you end up killing. There has to be distress. Why kill animals when we can get a balanced diet without doing so?
2. Health – I personally believe that, on the whole, it is a healthier diet if it is pursued with research to learn what the body needs.

You can argue on either or both points, but this is my truth :)

I am not trying to convert, it is wrong to try to change people in any respect, that is a cosmic law, to show and to inspire is the only way. Each must come to their own understanding.

Part of what changed me last year was the viewing of some videos; I guess they came to me when the time was right, as is so often the case; I was already on a quest. Here is a link to one of them; I encourage you to view it (all 95 minutes of it!) it should make you think 

EARTHLINGS – is the single most powerful and informative documentary about society’s tragic and unforgivable use of nonhuman animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby

The link should work, but if not, it’s all over YouTube and many other sources.

The Daily Post

How Do We Judge Beauty?

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder, is it universal, or is beauty only skin deep? The answer depends on perspective and mental approach.

In our materialistic society, our definition of beauty has been distorted by the media. As an example we have the worship of celebrity and, certainly in the realm of women, beauty as defined by the ‘industry’ is a prime requirement. ‘Beautiful’ people are paraded and lauded on our tv screens, in magazines and newspapers.

The paparazzi hound the stars probing into every aspect of their targets lives, the more sordid, the better. Occasionally they capture a photo of a ‘beautiful’ star walking down to the local supermarket in the early morning for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread, and what do we often find? Someone who could be the girl next door; unremarkable, plain and forgettable. The images that are foisted upon us give a false sense of beauty, the ideal of perfectionism. Unreal, and yet beguiling.

The masses then aspire to the same standards. Clever marketing promises whimsical wonders through the use of their products, relating beauty to a fictional lifestyle, or one at least reserved for the few. And so the punters enter into the delusion, embarking on a mad quest for physical improvement, striving for the elusive perfect body and spending, in the USA, more on cosmetics than the space program. Until some reach the final frontier; plastic surgery. Not content with the body that creation gave them; no, they can do better.

Ego is the source of this fixation, the pathetic belief that age and death can be ignored, delayed or withheld, that nature can be improved upon, that greater beauty will make them happier, though often the opposite is true as they grow and realise the shallowness of their action. The great ego cannot be demeaned by the thought of something better than itself and holds on to a subjective view of beauty based on conditioning, the victims don’t even realise they have been brainwashed. They have neglected the beauty of the mind.

For those who begin to overcome the ego, judgement becomes more objective, they compare, evaluate and feel their own way towards appreciation of beauty. It still depends on thought and bias, for what is this appreciation based upon? Perhaps more refined, it is still governed by predefined concepts epitomised by art. But classical perception of beauty pays attention not only to the exterior, but also the inner light. It understands that nothing is intrinsically beautiful unless there is some soul to it, whether a person, a work of art, or a piece of music.

Beyond the subjective, ego based view, and the objective vision lies something greater, transcending thought itself. To be held in the natural, childlike wonder of beauty all around, in every person, every living thing and all of nature. To look beyond the exterior and to see what is eternal, the connectedness of all, the macrocosm and the microcosm all entwined in the beauty of creation. To observe a spider for example, ugly to some, and take joy in the marvel of its existence, it’s ability to weave intricate, glorious webs, to know that like us it is blessed with life, the same life force as ours, that it’s life will end as will ours, that we are no different in so many respects; we are connected.

In true reality, elevated beyond our thinking, analysing minds, free from false precepts, that is where we find true beauty. When we find true beauty we also find true love, universal, unconditional. The trinity of love, beauty and truth. If we hold the trinity within us, there is peace. Through this simple premise we can understand the state of senseless war prevalent in much of the world. Egos run rife, judging by false standards, not understanding beauty, lacking truth and hence not knowing true love.

Without the trinity there can be no peace.

It begins with beauty.

The Daily Post



IMG_0245 (copy)


This beautiful sunset was witnessed on one of last years sailing voyages. I was sailing solo, on passage towards North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. The picture doesn’t do justice to the moment, but looking at it again I am transported back to all the emotions and senses I felt at the time;



The day soon done,
a quiet haven lies ahead
as Sól dips her blazing body
toward the horizon,
completing her majestic sweep
across the sky.

Colours change, creeping slowly
through clouds suspended, limp,
awaiting her touch.
Above me­, the cosmos;
below, my vessel surging ahead
cocooned by the boundless ocean.

Colour burst! Golden light,
shining, reflecting, penetrating
warming body and soul.
Oh peace and wonder!
Such must be the joy
in higher realms
of consciousness, exalted.

My body imbued with perfect light,
I open my hands
and reach out my arms
in praise and gratitude,
they are radiant,
a glimpse of beauty

My spirit is lifted
to a finer vibration,
observing through a cloak of mist,
the curtain
between grace and wretchedness,
good and bad,
the angst of our times.

Oh warmongers, if you could cease,
and understand
your senseless strife,
put down your guns, your bombs,
and be one with me
in this light.

Then you would know truth,
cutting like a scythe through your bigotry;
but you are blind
while my brothers and sisters see.
You are isolated, frozen in the dark past;
the future is light, you cannot last.

So I say farewell to Sól
as her light dims ending another day,
but she remains in my heart,
with hope
and knowledge,
of a world to come.