Existential Experience


A gap of two months or so since my last post, whoa, time flies! It’s been a busy time with three weeks away sailing, editing my first book, working on the cover, getting close to finishing the first draft of my next book, planning another cover, learning more about self published marketing, producing a five-year plan for my writing, creating the plot for my next book (actually a series of five books, OMG what task have I set myself!), plus holding down my day job, and more. Something had to give and it was this blog.

But back to the title and the photo –

The picture was taken at one of my favourite places, Loch Tarbert, Isle of Jura in the Scottish Highlands. The rainbow was stunning and stayed as it is in the photo, about half a mile away, for about thirty minutes.

Now, the opinion I want to express, and the theme of this post –

The photo is attractive, though it would have been taken better by a professional photographer with superior equipment (rather than a point and shoot iphone). But that is beside the point. No matter how good the photo it cannot replace the experience of being there. The colours will not render as true to nature, however ‘HD’ they are. There is no record of the smells, the touch of wind on my face, the sound of birdsong, the taste of the salt air, the immaculate peace of the moment, experiencing all those things right there, whilst witnessing the scene.

This is one reason I don’t take photographs very often. I see a beautiful sight in my daily life, or visit places on sailing adventures where the scenery is spectacular over a field of view of 360 degrees. You can’t photograph that, images yes, the experience, no. If I experience a profoundly beautiful moment, perhaps with wildlife or a fantastic view then show a photo of such, and this has happened, the response is usually something like  ‘oh, that’s nice’. No! It wasn’t ‘nice’, it was fucking amazing! But you have to have been there. You can’t experience someone elses experiences.

What about using photos to assist memory? The only photographs I would wish to re-view are those of scenes that are so ingrained in my memory that the moment lasts a lifetime, so the photos would be redundant anyway. A danger is that by reaching for a camera, focusing and composing, we lose the moment, not for the image but for ourselves, especially a fleeting moment.

I recall a moment many years ago while sailing in the Western Approaches, somewhere between Ireland and Lands End. It was dawn, a warm sunrise, a placid sea and blue skies, no land in sight, perfect peace and tranquility after the previous day of harsh weather. But then it became sublime; a school of a dozen or so dolphins broke the surface, and played with the boat.

 As they surged at the bow, shot under the keel, and entertained themselves I called my then wife who was asleep. She didn’t hear. I considered searching for my camera, or going below to shake her, but resisted. I didn’t know how long the moment would last, ten minutes or a few seconds. So instead I ignored the desire to record the event on film and ‘recorded’ that beautiful moment in my mind. 20-plus years later the memory and the feelings are still with me, as clear as the moment in which they happened. I had learnt a valuable lesson.

It is not possible to experience life through tv, social media, video, glossy magazines, etc, nor with the distraction of being permanenly connected to a smartphone as if you have no life without one. These are entertainment and tools for modern living, not life itself, but they have become the bulk of what many people experience as ‘life’, living through other people’s experiences, force-fed beliefs and opinions, losing their own; plugged into the Matrix of media.

As an exception I would argue (with some bias!) that a good novelist can transport you to new realms of experience, though you are still living his/her experience or creation not your own.

I love a fascinating insight by Stephen King in his book ‘On Writing’, he says that a book is telepathy. Really, it is. A book you may be reading is implanting facts or a story in your mind from the mind of the author many years and miles distant. From his mind to yours across time and space – telepathy truly! A beautiful thought.

The only way to experience life is through your own actions and state of mind. To be present in the moment, alive to your surroundings through every sense. To go out and live new sights, to search out new experiences, and create your own world. For creating our world is what we actually do, we create our own reality – the subject of forthcoming posts.

Existential experience of life, not existence by proxy.

To finish, a couple of loosely related images. How not to live in the moment. Both humorous and a sad indictment of the current state of much of ‘civilised’ society 🙂the_zombie_apocalypse_has_begun_big



Paris Rallies ‘#jesuischarlie” – Hypocrisy Unmasked


The terrorist attacks in Paris were a shocking demonstration of random acts of violence with innocent people and police officers killed. The centre of the focus is on the killing of several members of staff of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, and the upholding of freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.

As any sane individual will understand, the acts of violence do not represent the world of Islam, a fundamentally peaceful religion. They are the acts of extremists who will use any excuse, primarily their religion, to pursue and impose their political and cultural ideals. It is an age old delusion of the human condition from the Crusades of the middle ages to Northern Ireland, Bosnia and many others in recent times.

The rally in Paris and memorial events in other places in the world were admirable, as an act of remembrance for those killed, and as a voice against the attack on freedom of speech. The coming together of many thousands of people in unity and peace to voice a common concern was right but let’s look at some details.

Many rallies and demonstrations are led by a few high profile individuals, Trade Union leaders or politicians. However, in Paris some 40 world leaders and statesmen weaselled their way to the front of the march. Touted as showing the importance of the march, the truth is startling. Daniel Wickman, a student at the London School of economics, compiled a list of some of those attending. Those individuals are enemies of free speech and/or free press. see the list here.

So what were they doing there, rubbing shoulders with true believers in free speech? One could speculate endlessly, but it is shear hypocrisy.

Where lies the greatest threat to freedom of speech? Is it Islamic extremists, or is it closer to home? In common with most western nations, the government is the biggest threat in France. The country has laws which criminalise speech which insults, defames or incites hatred, discrimination or violence on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, sex or sexual orientation. Such laws are common in civilised countries, the ethos is not that you can anything you want to anybody, no matter how insulting or hurtful that may be, but that “freedom of expression should be exercised in a spirit of responsibility”. This is a quote from President Jacques Chirac, in 2006 when Charlie Hebdo reprinted controversial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad which first appeared in a Danish newspaper. It was condemned by Jacques Chirac who warned against such “obvious provocations”.

I would suggest the laws against provocative publication, which have been used against Charlie Hebdo in the past, have not been upheld due to the general backlash against Muslim extremism. One rule for some, another for others.
We can condemn, rightly, the atrocities but we must ask ourselves should we allow overt, purposefully insulting and defamatory words and images to be published in the name of art and freedom of speech? The law says not, and I believe the enlightened consciousness says not.
Ask yourself what our ‘leaders’ may be walking us into. Al Queda and ISIS are trying to lead the west into an all out ground war against Islam. The west is not playing ball, at the moment, but air attacks in Iraq by western forces continue. On Tuesday the French Government voted, overwhelmingly, to extend airstrikes on the Islamic State, clearly a reaction to the terrorist attacks in France.
The politicians who used the rally for their own agenda, turning the outrage of the masses into their own personal opportunity for self-proclamation may well be the ones sending our troops out to another war of attrition in coming weeks, marching into battle with “jesuischarlie” banners flying.
I am supportive of the rally in France, but it is not as clear cut as the mainstream media make out, the situation is being turned into a confusing picture, smoke and mirrors. I could write much, much more, and more has been written, the truth is out there if you search for it.

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