Spaces of Eternity


Does the green field grow old?

Never under skies of azure blue

But in minds suffused with grey

Seeing not the grace of being

In time standing still to dwell

Upon the moment, feeling.


Lost in the spaces between trees

The beauty of vacancy, emptiness

Yet In which lies the truth of being

For it is in the pause of void

That sight opens outwards

Beyond the illusion of mind


See the interval beckoning

The parting between each blade of grass

The silence after birdsong before the storm

Even here in tumult the heart beats

Spaces between breaths

Mark the cessation of time


Pause and feel the pulse of life

Each atom, each star, waiting

For consciousness to arise

In the realm of understanding

Between mind and matter

Knowing, aware of stasis


Does the green field grow old?

Now answer to the blue sky

It does not age when the eye closes

And true vision opens, as witness

To creation from beginning to end

For in the beginning, I am.

10 thoughts on “Spaces of Eternity

  1. Dearest Robert,

    I love this poem – it is exquisite and to read it (which I’ve done a few times now) feels like expanding into grace. Always feel embraced by your words, dear one.

    I have been completely time strapped lately and not been able to pop around the WP neighborhood the way I used to and I hate that I have to pick and choose and hurry. But I hope you know yours is one of the very first blogs I fly to as soon as I get the time. Always feels warm and brilliant here in this space you have created. I’m truly grateful for it.

    Thank you for your light and your gorgeous art and spirit!

    Sending so much love, peace and blessings your way, always, always,


    • My dear Allison, thank you for your wonderful comment. I am humbly pleased that my words mean so much to you.
      I know how hard it is sometimes to find time to visit favourite blogs and connect with like minds, but it is lovely to hear from you again my friend πŸ™‚
      Love, light and blessings to you, as always,

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