Writing You


I’ll write you into my life

The words of your being

Etched in my heart


Written in my mind

And immortalised in prose

For generations without end


Your soul encoded in my skin

In words of love and longing

In blood and pen marked


Our story never ends

Nor did it have beginning

As it flows through life


Stories told through time

as old as ancient mountains

Tales of wonder and mystery


A river of words and dreams

In which we play and dance

Until the ink runs dry


The pages still will turn

Recalling our passing

A legacy of life together

13 thoughts on “Writing You

  1. Really love this. Reminds me of this quote by Tagore: “I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age. Forever.”
    Love, light, blissings, & blessings for you 🙂 Always grateful, Luna

  2. question, but first, this is a good poem. I publish poetry anthologies, so if you’d like to submit to Poems from the Heron Clan #4 email me five poems as on word doc. Published ok with acknowledgements. dougstuber@gmail.com

    Second, how will the top change, via the vote? Um, Hillary never voted against a SINGLE item Bush 2 wanted, and Obama, um, don’t get me started. OK a viable third party on the LEFT that wins would be sweet, but the Green Tea Party isn’t up and running yet…he he

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