Heart Speak


Gentle lips yearn
to be kissed
and tasted
moist and sweet
the touch is ecstasy

Her undulating curves
soft, smooth, pliant
delight my eyes
beckoning fingers
to roam and explore
that fair landscape

If I were blind
Such sense alone
Would thrill
And fill my mind
With her beauty

Happy in her warmth
her enchanting smile
reaches my heart
my days bright
when she is close

Her gentle care
soothes and caresses
bringing peace and calm
quieting the whirl
of life’s toils

Entwined at night
as one, safe, secure
held tenderly
her body gives
with love

Her kind spirit
my kindred spirit
through whom I see
the salvation
of purpose

From the beginning
she held my heart
captured in her light
as a small bird
in a soothing hand

I need for nothing
in her presence
all is fulfilled
my inspiration
love and joy


13 thoughts on “Heart Speak

  1. Damn, Robert. This is electric and soft at the same time. Gorgeous, disarming, moving.

    What a gift that you share your poetry with us, beloved. It does wonders to remind us we are pulsing and alive. How disconnected we can so often become from our humanity, the beauty of love. Thank you for guiding us ever back to ourselves.

    Blessings, light and peace, 😉

    always, always,


    • Thank you from my heart Allison. I’m touched that you found the piece so meaningful on all it’s levels.

      Thank you for describing it as a gift, but all I do is open my heart to the feelings within me of experiences; personnal, emotional and those of nature. Somehow the words flow into me and form around them, then I jiggle them a bit to fit 🙂 Perhaps a blessing rather than a gift 🙂

      Blessings of love and peace to you

      Always 🙂


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