Your breath touches my cheek
with love
Warm, soft and gentle
as a feather

I turn to kiss, our lips meet
my body thrills
I breathe in your life energy
our minds meld

I trace fingers across your skin
you smile
delicious curves intoxicate
you sigh

I follow the contours with my tongue
you open
flesh yields to gentle pressure
we become one

our souls entwine, a spiral of joy
rising high
seeking the love of the universe
we find it

present together in the moment
soaring higher in rapture and delight
for a brief moment
we see the glory of life, spirit and love
my heart bleeds
and our souls cry out together
for what must pass

we descend, still one in peace and love
holding tight
yearning to return to that state of bliss
to know it
always, our vibrations in tune
β€˜til one day
we ascend to a state of grace and live it,
for ever more


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