New Dawn

Winter’s freezing chill
given bitter edge
by wind and rain
persists and will not
ease its icy grip.

Not yet awhile
but change beckons
as days grow longer
sun fights back, rising
higher, golden yellow.

 eason of cleansing
stripping bare all
stir not the seeds of spring
your time comes soon
beyond the final frost.

I crave the warmth
of summer sun
and vernal equinox
with fellow creatures
awaiting dark to light.


8 thoughts on “New Dawn

  1. Hi Robert! This is a beautiful poem on winter. I do feel for all those who go through this difficult experience of winter because even where I am without winter it is extremely cold. We learn from winter that after every storm there is calm weather; after darkness there is daylight; and because there is winter we appreciate summer more. Have a great day!

      • No Robert. I come from a country where there is no winter. We have two seasons: a dry and a rainy season. Our dry season is like winter but we do not have snow. It’s cold but not the type that you have. I hope some day you will visit my country and also live our experience.

      • Thanks for enlightening me on your climate Ngobesing. We’ve had a very mild winter, so far, but a way to go yet before spring. Plenty of time left yet for some really cold weather!

      • I hope you take good measures to protect yourself when winter becomes harsh. I know a bit of winter, having been in some western countries at the end of winter. It was unbearable so I can imagine what winter should be like. Great week-end to you Robert.

  2. Dear Robert,

    As always, sheer pleasure reading your decadent words.

    In love with this:

    “stir not the seeds of spring
    your time comes soon”

    Thank you for a beautiful, hopeful, stirring start to my day. 🙂

    Peace and light,


  3. lovely winter poem of hope, in the change that beckons as days grow longer holding out the promise of spring. without the march of seasons, the world would have been a much poorer place, without art, celebration and colour…Raj.

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