In Your Eyes

To see your face
in a drop of rain
echoes of a smile
I knew long ago

The face I see
each night in bed
a thousand times
in my sleep of dreams

I see your eyes
in the twinkle of stars
touching the heavens
with joy unbound

The stars you bring to earth

Those deep dark eyes
which seem to me
the windows to eternity
with you always.

The lips I’ve kissed
a thousand times
and more I shall again
moist like the dew

On morning grass bathed in sun.

I search the heavens
for reason and find none
the unanswerable question
I have to live with

Why my soul feels rent without you.

And then I know

In just one moment
as joy bursts forth
the jewel of my heart
held in your love

Neither time nor space
can separate our passion
you are with me always
day and night

On the road of evermore

With hearts entwined in love that naught can break.


3 thoughts on “In Your Eyes

  1. Dear, dear Robert,

    This poem is beautiful, just exquisite and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Words escape me, friend. I love it top to bottom.

    Wishing you a day full of love, peace and quiet joy,


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