A new year, another 365 days, 8760 hours. What changes?

Did you make a New Year resolution? I didn’t. We are evolving continuously and the artificial gateway of the dawn of a new year doesn’t alter its progress one iota.

Sure, it is wonderful to party, to get together with fiends and family and celebrate. It is also vital to reflect on the previous year, to take stock, make plans and set goals for the year ahead.

But New Years Resolutions are usually empty promises, created by the feeling that you should make some changes to your life. They are hollow, lacking substance, and are as likely to be thrown away after the heady rush of celebrations as the Christmas cards and wrapping paper.

What then do we do, we, the creators? We who are seeking to reach higher, to push ourselves to achieve. We carry on in flow, from last year to this one.

Be awesome and be humble!

Be Awesome

If you are a writer, a painter or other creative, pursue your art with passion and vigour. Be sure to know yourself, the ‘why’ of your purpose. Strive to be your best and work towards becoming better. Push your work out into the world, if you have given it your all it deserves to be seen. Don’t hide your light under a bushel.

You are unique, you grow by creating, aim for huge! Turn your nose up at fear, face it with the strength and power of your truth. There is nothing to fear except prevaricating over what you know you must do. There is no failure, you can only succeed or quit.

Reflect on last year, honestly. Did you achieve what you set out to? If you didn’t analyse why; gain more knowledge if you need to, learn to manage time if you lacked the hours, practice your art more. Increase your resolve, raise the bar.

Do what you did last year, do it more and do it better, be awesome!

Be Humble

We are a polarity, especially as creators. We are curious breed of being, filled with an urge and passion yet, at the same time, we can feel small and frightened by the challenge. To create work which ours, our mark on the world, takes a degree of ego. It is an act of saying ‘look at me, look at my work’, yet it should not be egotistical.

Your work is part of a greater whole, you are not alone. Be grateful for your gift and the help you have received, all the information others have shared freely on the internet to aid your craft, whatever support you have received from spouse/partner/editor/publisher/readers/reviewers.

Be humble, your work is great, but keep it in perspective. If you didn’t exist the world would go on and there would still be art. Your work adds to the rich tapestry and is a worthy endeavour; follow your calling but see it for what it is with humility and grace.

Love what you do and make it happen from your heart, then share it, that is all that is important.

Be awesome and humble!


8 thoughts on “A new year, another 365 days, 8760 hours. What changes?

  1. Dearest Robert,

    “follow your calling but see it for what it is with humility and grace.” – this is perfect and beautiful, my sweet friend. We creatives walk a tightrope it seems sometimes, yeah? That old ego taunts us to take full credit for that which we know, deep down in our bones, we co-created with a Power far greater than we could ever fathom.

    Humility and grace. I’m tucking that in close, may we always remember from where we came and to where we are going. Sharing along the way is the most loving thing we can do, through art, through expression, through comfort and faith.

    You are a bright light, dear one. 🙂

    Wishing you much peace, always,


  2. Hi Robert, your post sums it up well; by being awesome and humble at the same time, one is trying utmost to realize one’s potential with due awareness of limitations of the trickling known vis-a-vis the vast ocean of unknown, which is the field of all possibilities…we are all out in that ocean on our own boats of various definitions. all the best as you continue on your journey…best wishes…Raj.

  3. Kind sir I just read your.piece on awesome, it.is very inspiring, it spoke to me in words I often say to myself but it was better to read in print. I love how you detailed it out. It was as you.put an awesome piece, if you don’t mind I would like to follow you.
    As always Sheldon

    • Thank you for your comment Sheldon and for followin my blog, I hope you enjoy my future work and perhaps delve into some of my older posts and find items you like 🙂
      I’m heading over to have a look at your blog.

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