The Sea Speaks


I immersed myself,
submerged in your infinity
and spread my thoughts
through the depths
of your unfathomable
beauty and power.

I felt the life within you
connected in the fluid
caressing my skin
the same touching all
over vast distances
a unified field

I heard the speech
of whale, seal and dolphin
and sensed them near
wishing to save us
from follies untold
wise ones of your world

I know your strength
in tumultuous seas
I have witnessed
a force unyielding
that none can stop
only a fool would dare

You birthed me eons ago
as you formed all life
in the creative ebb and flow
of tides and storms
the primeval soup of dreams
the womb of mother earth

You mirror the cosmos
as above, so below
all is connected
as you have shown me
we are one life
you, us and the stars.

But it is to you
I must return, one day
when the sun dies
and earth becomes cold
in you will the last voice
be heard, the final breath

I am the beginning and I am the end.

Tell Me

Look into my eyes

I’ll hold your face in my hands

Kiss me, slow, tender

I’ll treasure your breath

Touch me, electrify me

I’ll keep your touch in my heart

Tell me you love me

I’ll give you my life.

The Flower of Life

I saw you holding a flower
by a grave, in grey morning rain
hiding the tears flowing free

grass trodden to mud
mirrored the dim light
I took your hand in mine

your eyes looked through me
I beheld emptiness
in that vacant stare

you saw a different world
where love lay in your arms
not in the earth

you trembled, cold and wet
and tossed the flower, wilting
to the sodden ground

I squeezed your hand
and saw your eyes again
tears drying as the sun burst
through parting clouds

the light return to your face
in understanding of the circle
of life and death
of love and separation

you kissed me, salty
running your fingers
across my face, tender

I loved you then
as I do now
and always will

but I cannot remain
for the light beckons me
and I must go

but will meet again
in love’s glory

I watched you turn and leave
with one final look
before I surrendered to the light.



Your breath touches my cheek
with love
Warm, soft and gentle
as a feather

I turn to kiss, our lips meet
my body thrills
I breathe in your life energy
our minds meld

I trace fingers across your skin
you smile
delicious curves intoxicate
you sigh

I follow the contours with my tongue
you open
flesh yields to gentle pressure
we become one

our souls entwine, a spiral of joy
rising high
seeking the love of the universe
we find it

present together in the moment
soaring higher in rapture and delight
for a brief moment
we see the glory of life, spirit and love
my heart bleeds
and our souls cry out together
for what must pass

we descend, still one in peace and love
holding tight
yearning to return to that state of bliss
to know it
always, our vibrations in tune
‘til one day
we ascend to a state of grace and live it,
for ever more

What Remains?


when all that you have built crumbles
when your fight has been for nought
when your castles surrender to the sea
as all which is material will
what then is left my friend?

I’ll tell

that which holds your heart
that which moves to laughter or tears
the friendships and joys of life
all that is eternal is yours to keep
made of spirit, light and love.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

An inspiring and uplifting story about a vegan running a cattle ranch!

My Vegan Heart Blog


Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is the dream of Renee-King Sonnen.

Renee is a singer and songwriter from the Houston/Brazoria County area who met her future husband, Tommy Sonnen, while singing at a nightclub.

Renee and Tommy

She went from suburban living to ranch living 6 years ago when they got married. She lives on a 96 acre cattle ranch right on hwy 35, 50 miles southwest of Houston and 30 miles from Bay City/Matagord.

Her husband has been a cattle rancher for 15 years.  It’s beyond my ability to describe! My husband’s great-grandfather supplied almost all of Houston with meat in the early 1900’s – his great-grandfather had a slaughter-house.

When she married him 6 years ago, she had no idea that she would become vegan as a result of the horrors of the sale barn episodes with the calves.

Like Howard Lyman, the cattle rancher turned vegan she had an epiphany that opened…

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Paris Rallies ‘#jesuischarlie” – Hypocrisy Unmasked


The terrorist attacks in Paris were a shocking demonstration of random acts of violence with innocent people and police officers killed. The centre of the focus is on the killing of several members of staff of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, and the upholding of freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.

As any sane individual will understand, the acts of violence do not represent the world of Islam, a fundamentally peaceful religion. They are the acts of extremists who will use any excuse, primarily their religion, to pursue and impose their political and cultural ideals. It is an age old delusion of the human condition from the Crusades of the middle ages to Northern Ireland, Bosnia and many others in recent times.

The rally in Paris and memorial events in other places in the world were admirable, as an act of remembrance for those killed, and as a voice against the attack on freedom of speech. The coming together of many thousands of people in unity and peace to voice a common concern was right but let’s look at some details.

Many rallies and demonstrations are led by a few high profile individuals, Trade Union leaders or politicians. However, in Paris some 40 world leaders and statesmen weaselled their way to the front of the march. Touted as showing the importance of the march, the truth is startling. Daniel Wickman, a student at the London School of economics, compiled a list of some of those attending. Those individuals are enemies of free speech and/or free press. see the list here.

So what were they doing there, rubbing shoulders with true believers in free speech? One could speculate endlessly, but it is shear hypocrisy.

Where lies the greatest threat to freedom of speech? Is it Islamic extremists, or is it closer to home? In common with most western nations, the government is the biggest threat in France. The country has laws which criminalise speech which insults, defames or incites hatred, discrimination or violence on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, sex or sexual orientation. Such laws are common in civilised countries, the ethos is not that you can anything you want to anybody, no matter how insulting or hurtful that may be, but that “freedom of expression should be exercised in a spirit of responsibility”. This is a quote from President Jacques Chirac, in 2006 when Charlie Hebdo reprinted controversial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad which first appeared in a Danish newspaper. It was condemned by Jacques Chirac who warned against such “obvious provocations”.

I would suggest the laws against provocative publication, which have been used against Charlie Hebdo in the past, have not been upheld due to the general backlash against Muslim extremism. One rule for some, another for others.
We can condemn, rightly, the atrocities but we must ask ourselves should we allow overt, purposefully insulting and defamatory words and images to be published in the name of art and freedom of speech? The law says not, and I believe the enlightened consciousness says not.
Ask yourself what our ‘leaders’ may be walking us into. Al Queda and ISIS are trying to lead the west into an all out ground war against Islam. The west is not playing ball, at the moment, but air attacks in Iraq by western forces continue. On Tuesday the French Government voted, overwhelmingly, to extend airstrikes on the Islamic State, clearly a reaction to the terrorist attacks in France.
The politicians who used the rally for their own agenda, turning the outrage of the masses into their own personal opportunity for self-proclamation may well be the ones sending our troops out to another war of attrition in coming weeks, marching into battle with “jesuischarlie” banners flying.
I am supportive of the rally in France, but it is not as clear cut as the mainstream media make out, the situation is being turned into a confusing picture, smoke and mirrors. I could write much, much more, and more has been written, the truth is out there if you search for it.

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