Elementals #4



Oh boundless sea, the cradle of life
To whom all rivers and tears run
United in a grand matrix
The consciousness of the planet

The great master of change and
renewal, your energy magnificent
shaping continents, carving your face
Upon the mantle of mother earth

You are her life blood, her circulation
Within your turbulent currents
Lies the wisdom of the ages
Remembered and locked in your vastness

Purity and fertility is your nature
And in your depths springs intuition
the power to reflect, without bounds.
To understand our life purpose.

We feel an affinity with your soul
You show the way to transformation
As so easily you change your state
From liquid to vapour, matter to spirit.

We will return to the source
As we begin to know you again
Water, the bearer of vitality
The medium of our own life force.

This is the final poem in the series, scroll back over the preceding days posts for the earlier ones.
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