Swimming in Garbage

J. Giambrone


So I checked out what’s “trending” on Youtube tonight. Surely there must be something worthwhile transpiring somewhere on the entire Internet, no?

Well no. No there isn’t. That’s not what large numbers of people click on.

Out of 100 top videos as selected by Youtube/Google, only two are perhaps of any value whatsoever. The two that aren’t complete trivial gibberish and dumbed down waste of bandwidth are included at the bottom.


But the public is 98% or so obsessed with trash culture, music videos, anything in opposition to what’s actually important today in the world.

What’s got the public excited tonight?

A Shia Lebouf cannibal song, cats sitting in circles, an Ikea ad, a bird who says “fuck you,” a girl kicks Steve-O in the balls, Taylor Swift and cats, boob dance, bikini girl selfie, climbing Hong Kong tower, Price is Right guy, sports idiot penis, fake dog…

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One thought on “Swimming in Garbage

  1. What an important point made in this post, Robert. The image of young boys picking through trash is gut wrenching. People turn away from these problems, how awful of us.

    I am so very, very cautious of that word ‘trending’ – what is it really telling us. Turns out, a lot, right. It points us to what is on people’s minds – or should I say what people ingest to numb their minds. But there is so much else, so much that needs healing in this world. We’ve got to be so careful how we use social media – to spread love or fear? To lift each other up or bury one another?

    There is so much backwards and upside down in the world, my friend. Often I shake my head, disappointed, disbelieving, in reality I too ask myself, WTF?? How did we get here, what are we doing? What are we not doing . . . that needs so badly to be done.

    Thank you for shedding light on what needs to be pulled from the dark.

    Blessings, love and light, dear one,


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