The Crystal Castle

The previous post was in response to a writing challenge from Chuck Wendig and the following poem was formed in parallel inspiration with the short story, if that makes sense; I’ve no idea how the mind works sometimes 🙂

The Crystal Castle

Crystal castle, shining
with ephemeral light
radiating through all creation
holding in its core
all truth and knowledge
all wisdom and love
abounding with succour
the sanctuary of souls.

Angels come hence
to rest their auras
safe from battles
against darkness
and blind ignorance
delighting in the peace
and presence of the one
who guides and loves.

In the halls of learning
the word is spread
to all who come
travellers in space and time
the words of truth
that love is all
in the crystal castle, shining
as a beacon of hope, eternal.

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5 thoughts on “The Crystal Castle

  1. Dear Robert,

    I just read your poem three times in a row – it is so beautiful. I love the imagery and the way it glides – your words create a sanctuary and I needed a little place to rest in just this minute.

    Thank you for sharing this! I particularly loved this part . . .

    Angels come hence
    to rest their auras
    safe from battles
    against darkness

    So comforting and dear.

    Blessings and light to you, beloved artist friend. 🙂


  2. Each of us should try to find the “crystal castle within” – Maybe it is our hearts, quite simply! Beautiful poem! And by the way, thank you so much for taking us on wonderful journeys 🙂

  3. Hi Robert , Read your poems , the solar trinity and the crystal castle . The imagery is enchanting and the versing is lyrical in its beauty . keep it going…best wishes…raj

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