Spiritual Awakening and Meditation

Spiritual awakening can be a fast or slow process. For some, an extraordinary event, or tragedy, can trigger the start; in others, it takes an accumulation of years and experiences in life. It often begins with curiosity or a feeling that something isn’t right. The view of the world foisted upon us is false, there is more, so much more. We may become discontent in the early stages, a sense of being out-of-place.

One is drawn to certain books perhaps, or starts the search for truth in some other way. Many become attracted to various ‘New Age’ philosophies or learn about different belief systems. They search out esoteric literature trying to find the solution in words and symbols.

For me it all began at an early age. My mother became a spiritualist, a long story which I won’t go into here. I was brought up with knowledge of life beyond this earthly one, and evidence to back it up. For many years I quested further, reading book after book, immersing myself in ‘knowledge’ and, so I believed, wisdom and understanding. I read about the magical, mystical aspects of Christianity, hidden and lost teachings, the Celtic tradition, Egyptian and Jewish mysticism, and many others. I read about the power of the mind and its possibilities. Then something changed, a realisation that it is direct experience which counts, not knowledge.

What do I mean by ‘direct experience’? That which is gained through dedicated prayer or meditation. Let me make an analogy here with chocolate. Knowledge is the scientific understanding of its chemical composition; the reaction of the taste buds, what compounds induce those sensations, the source of the cocoa, the plant, its varieties and growing areas, the manufacturing process of a chocolate bar and so on. All of which pale into insignificance once one actually eats the chocolate, delighting in its smooth, sensual texture and exquisite taste. Once one has that experience, no amount of knowledge about its manufacture is needed. Knowledge without experience is purely academic and empty. Knowledge is interesting perhaps, but secondary to experience.

Knowledge of other realms and dimensions, the connectedness of everything that is, the creative spirit which pervades the entire universe is as nothing compared to actually experiencing it, and if experienced, then the knowledge is not required. Meditation was the road I took to search for intimate experience, the way used throughout the ages and through all clutures. Once again I searched, flitting from one method to another like a butterfly going from one flower to the next, never spending long enough in one ‘system’ to gain anything much of value. In time another realisation occurred through inspired understanding; the method is not important, nor, actually, is a method necessary.

A few years ago I came across the teachings of Eckart Tolle and searched in vain for a ‘method’ in his works. There was only one, very brief, description of meditation. Eventually I got it. The experience of ‘the Now’ is meditation itself, there is no method! To live in the now is to live in meditation.

Another resource I came across through an interest in Buddhism can be found through this link The basic method of meditation In its explanation of the various stages it gave me the clearest understanding of the basics of mediation which I have ever come across and once again pointed to the fact there is no method as such;

1. Sustained Attention on the present moment
2. Silent attention on the present moment
3. Full sustained attention on the beautiful breath

To take the first glimpse, for a few moments, of that ‘sustained attention on the present moment’, to surrender to the moment with no attachment of thought to past or future, is a revelation and reletively easy to achieve. Finally it all fell into place; the understanding of meditation as a practice towards spiritual enlightenment, the ‘power of now’ and that there is no method per se !

Many people ask ‘how do you meditate’, they want a method or system. Sure, there are techniques for relaxation, which is a prerequisite for any meditation. But after that one only needs a basic idea of what meditation is; the disassociation with random thoughts enabling the higher consciousness to realise itself and the universe. Many complain that they can’t stop their minds from thinking about things. We cannot stop our minds from thinking, from working, what we have to control is our tendency to latch onto thoughts; we must let them pass without attaching to them. Eckart Tolle gave a great analogy in a talk; you are the host at a large dinner party and your job is to greet the guests as they come in. The guests are your thoughts. You greet each guest then let them pass and move on to the next, you cannot afford to engage in conversation with each guest.

There are higher levels of meditation beyond the basics, for which some guidance is necessary, but everything can be achieved with the dedicated practice of the basic methods.

Theses are some of my thoughts on meditation based on experience and practice, your views are always welcome in the comments. Thanks for reading.

The Tears of Parting

You said goodbye
The final cut
When will I see your face again?
The train awaits
The boat tugs at her moorings
The plane taxies away
Some vessel to carry you to the stars

You are going.
For what did we share
this brief sojourn together?
To end by crying
at life’s cruelty
as it rents us apart?
The veil descends.

Whether close or near
You are in my heart
A pain, a scar that will not heal
A dry chasm
That nothing can fill
Until we rejoice together
Loving, amongst the stars.

Swimming in Garbage

J. Giambrone


So I checked out what’s “trending” on Youtube tonight. Surely there must be something worthwhile transpiring somewhere on the entire Internet, no?

Well no. No there isn’t. That’s not what large numbers of people click on.

Out of 100 top videos as selected by Youtube/Google, only two are perhaps of any value whatsoever. The two that aren’t complete trivial gibberish and dumbed down waste of bandwidth are included at the bottom.


But the public is 98% or so obsessed with trash culture, music videos, anything in opposition to what’s actually important today in the world.

What’s got the public excited tonight?

A Shia Lebouf cannibal song, cats sitting in circles, an Ikea ad, a bird who says “fuck you,” a girl kicks Steve-O in the balls, Taylor Swift and cats, boob dance, bikini girl selfie, climbing Hong Kong tower, Price is Right guy, sports idiot penis, fake dog…

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The Solar Trinity



The Solar Trinity

Over fields where flowers bloom

drawing life from mother earth

sister moon weeps in darkness

for beauty she does not see

Brother sun says do not cry

you aid the ebb and flow of tide

the seasons, wind and rain

as much as I, life you do sustain

Sol pours forth his love and warmth

Luna sheds her tears of rain

Gaia feeds and nurtures

in fields where flowers bloom.

About page

I’ve been reading a few articles recently about writing an ‘about’ page. I was aware from the start that mine wasn’t up to scratch, especially for a writer, but with so much to deal with in starting a blog it was put on the back burner. I’ve finally got down to it and reworked it so it is now more informative and, I sincerely hope, a good read 🙂 What do you think?

Roots of Inequality

The Roots of Inequality

From the millionaire seated in his luxurious office, or on board his multimillion dollar motor yacht, or in one of his many mansions, to the man, child or woman struggling to find a crust of bread on the streets of Mumbai, London, Mombasa or any one of a thousand locations; life is full of inequality.

So many have everything and yet so many more have nothing. In our hearts we ask why? Those of us who have enough. Then we cast the thoughts aside while we continue to pursue our own tiny lives, believing they will get better, striving to make them better, believing more will make us happier. Some donate to charity, a worthy endeavour, yet, while easing their guilt or angst it does little to change the world. Resources are ‘diverted’ by those wanting to take their cut. meanwhile, many western economies have, in recent years, printed billions of dollars worth of currency out of thin air to prop up their failing economies, not a cent of which is seen by those who need it just to acquire food.

What creates this equality when there is enough food and water in the world to sustain us all? When their is enough wealth for every single person on our planet to be housed, educated, clothed and have the benefit of full medical facilities?

1. Greed – most people are still in the grip of the ego. It tries to protect itself, ultimately by having more than it will ever need, could ever want. It doesn’t care. Oh, the higher self may be struck with pity or the desire to do something but the ego will soon override any compassion for its own survival. It is our base nature that has become the demon which controls our lives. And so those with power and wealth simply crave more of it, for their own ends, forsaking those less well off. Which leads to…

2. War – It is the same story. How can we bring ourselves to kill our fellow beings in the name of religion, or for a political ideal or for land? Land which is every persons birthright. Land that was given to all humankind to tend and nurture. How can anyone believe ‘this land belongs to me’. Once again, see greed and ego above. What makes a person or nation say ‘my God is the only true God’ or ‘my form of democracy/communism/ fascism (add whatever ideology you want) is the only way’.

These two are the prime causes of inequality. Whenever you argue with someone or don’t accept their point of view or try to change that person, you are enacting the same dysfunctional mindset that leads to war and greed. As above, so below, the microcosm and the macrocosm.

It all comes down to the same root cause, ego. We are not who we think we are, free and independent spirits, while in the grip of the ego, we are lost; inequality and barbarism will continue. The egoistic mind was a tool granted to us to enable deep analytical though, that the universe may become self aware by mankind’s understanding of it. But thought became all. ‘I think, therefore I am’ as stated by Rene Descartes, was believed to be an epiphany, but it was a fallacy. We are not our thoughts. For most of the time when we think, which for most people is all the time, we allow ourselves to be in the grip of the ego. As we have grown in learning and thought so the ego has become the monster which has taken over our lives, assimilating with us so well that we believe it is who we are. It is not.

Our true selves lie hidden behind and must be reawakened.

But the struggle is on, right now, to overcome our pygmy selves. People are reaching out, the beginnings of revolution, though not in the traditional sense. Many are searching for new religions, new beliefs and ultimately finding the path to their true selves through mediation; the method par excellence which is open to all, and through which can know that we are all equal and intrinsically linked to the entire cosmos. But most, in the western world, are still not quite ready to give up what they have, the ego, even when subdued, remains present.

As the world changes so will they, then the masses. Understanding, or rather, inner-standing will become the norm. More people everyday are beginning to see the inequality of the world, not as a cursory thought, but as a deep feeling that is something very wrong. There is a mass movement against globalisation, demonstrations at G8 summits, a growing concern about a New World Order; it will not be allowed to happen. The world belongs to everyone, not the few. I recall the story of a Queen concert many years ago; Freddie Mercury told the audience ‘there is no dancing allowed in this auditorium, but if you all get up there is nothing they can do about it!’ That is how the future will change.

An objective view of the human race as a unit; ‘delusional, prone to out-breaks of mass murder and theft, paranoid in the extreme and wrecking it’s own home to make it eventually uninhabitable’. Of course, there is much good in the world too, mankind has achieved wonders, but balance is lacking. Behind the smiling faces of politicians the world is tearing itself apart.

The revolution will come when we reach the ‘tipping point’, which will come, when enough people stand up and say “enough!” It has to come, for the sake of us all and the planet itself, home for all of us as brothers and sisters, no matter what colour or beliefs. It will be a painful night for many but in the new dawn we will live in peace, harmony and love.

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The Crystal Castle

The previous post was in response to a writing challenge from Chuck Wendig and the following poem was formed in parallel inspiration with the short story, if that makes sense; I’ve no idea how the mind works sometimes 🙂

The Crystal Castle

Crystal castle, shining
with ephemeral light
radiating through all creation
holding in its core
all truth and knowledge
all wisdom and love
abounding with succour
the sanctuary of souls.

Angels come hence
to rest their auras
safe from battles
against darkness
and blind ignorance
delighting in the peace
and presence of the one
who guides and loves.

In the halls of learning
the word is spread
to all who come
travellers in space and time
the words of truth
that love is all
in the crystal castle, shining
as a beacon of hope, eternal.

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Castle of Light – flash fiction

A piece of flash fiction inspired by Chuck Wendig’s apple season challenge; take three uncommon apple varieties and use their names as characters, places etc. My choice of apples……..can you figure them out?


Castle of Light

The operative, Nova Spy, scaled the cliff with feline deftness. Her lithe body was encased in a skin hugging black leather body suit; a wide webbing belt held all the tools required for her purpose.

As she reached the summit the rain, blown by a gale, stung her eyes and her shoulder length hair thrashed her face. She cursed Oliver for calling this mission at short notice. Hunched close to the ground she wiped the hair and water from her eyes and then viewed the target. Lord Lambone’s castle loomed menacingly into the night sky, glowing in the subdued light of a half-moon.

“Nova to O, I’ve reached the top.” She spoke into a two-way radio.

“Received,” said Oliver.

She looked around with the darting eyes of a hunted animal and moved towards the nearest wall, trying to picture where Lambone may be hiding.

“He’ll pay!” she whispered.

Oliver viewed her movements via the feed from a high-resolution camera housed in a pod beneath his ship. He maintained at a discrete distance high above the castle and relaxed, watching the proceedings from a comfortable chair while sipping his favourite Ganymede brandy. He should have stormed the place with particle beam guns and plasma canons but Nova would have non of it, too easy. She wanted to take the traditional approach, so becoming of the Pleiadian race he thought; damned hybrids! Nevertheless he admired her performance so far. Once she had recovered the missing portion of the Nagami Sigil, a portal to higher dimensions, they would be off this rock holding untold power throughout the galaxy. He smiled to himself and felt a stirring between his legs as he zoomed in on her curvaceous body.

Nova climbed the three storey high wall without difficulty, aided by the bio-adhesive pads on her feet and hands, a throw-back to the days when her race lived high in the trees on Gantes. She leapt over the parapet and moved towards a lit window, peering inside at the sumptuous decor and furniture. Lord Lambone lived alone, a butler and housekeeper were the only other residents; he would be unable to resist once he saw her.

“Entering the residence now,” she told Oliver.

“I see you. Work quickly.”

“Maintain radio silence from here on.”


Nova slid through the nearest door with her gun raised and panned it across the room. It was empty but she could hear music playing further into the castle; she ventured forth and moved through the corridors and rooms like a shadow. She was calm and focussed but there was an inner excitement at the thought of what would be when this night was over; a new life, freedom.

Despite her stealth she heard a sound behind her, and then a voice she knew so well.

“Turn around, slowly,” it said.

She obeyed but kept her gun raised, swinging it sharply around to point straight at the head of her stalker.

“Nova Spy. It’s been a long time,” he said, pointing his own gun at her.

“Lord Lambone. Indeed it has.”

Lambone stood with confidence, holding a semi automatic, old fashioned ballistic pistol. How quaint she thought. But her mind diverted to his physique, clearly displayed through his casual clothes, and to the smooth, deep voice emanating from the attractive face. The old longing arose within her.

“You have the package?” he said.

“Of course.”

He began to lower his weapon and smiled, “I’ve missed you.”

Her heart began to race, “I’ve missed you too my Lord.”

She dropped her gun and ran into his arms, wrapping her legs around him. He kissed her mouth, his tongue playing with hers; she knew how he loved to feel the forked tip of hers in his mouth. They both sighed in ecstasy.

“What now?” she said.

“We deal with Oliver.”

They walked out onto the battlements hand in hand and looked up to the sky.

Oliver saw them on his monitor, sat bolt upright and grasped the microphone.

“What the hell is going on Nova?”

“I’m staying here Oliver.”

“Take the missing piece and get yourself back to the ship now!” he commanded.

“No go, Oliver. This is where I belong.”

“I’ll blast you both to hell and recover it myself! I have the other piece.”

“Do you?”

Oliver turned and open the secure locker by the control console to find it empty. Nova’s voice came over the radio again.

“Looking for this?” she said.

He stared in disbelief at the monitor, she was holding both parts of the Sigil, raised high in each hand as if to taunt him.

Lambone spoke, “I know you can hear me Commander Oliver. It’s all over, your plans have failed, light has overcome darkness as written in the Book of Kell. Fate, my friend.”

“Traitor!” Oliver screamed, and began to arm the ships weaponry.

Nova tuned to Lambone, “all prepared?”

“Locked on and ready to fire.”

“Then do it.”

Two missiles erupted from the centre of the castle, accelerating to Mach 2 within three seconds. Oliver saw the flash, but it was too late, his rage evaporated along with the ship and his body.

“We’d better get this to a safe place, away from all future evil,” said Lord Lambone, taking the Sigil from her hands. “We came so close, it would have been the end.”

“I love you Simon,” she said.

He kissed her again “when did you know?”

“Ten years ago. When you rescued me from the ruins of Tauric, after the War of the Knights.”

“Why so long?”

Her eyes dropped to the ground, “I cannot say.” Though in her heart she knew. She looked up again, straight into Simon’s deep blue eyes “But was the wait worth it?”

He smiled, “yes! I’ve longed for this time, and always knew it would come.”

He never saw the burnt, but legible, scrap of paper float down from the sky which she crushed beneath her foot.



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