Meditations on Love, part 6

The final poem in the series, with links to all the previous;

Love – Epoch 1. Black
Love – Epoch 2. Red
Love – Epoch 3. Blue
Love – Epoch 4. Yellow
Love – Epoch 5. White

Love – Epoch 6. The Rainbow of Enlightenment

The final transition beckons
the soul has grown
ready now, one step
to true awakening
the unification
of self with self
Present in the now
this moment
bound with eternity and infinity
it reaches toward enlightenment
a hand is waiting
In an instant overcome with bliss
oneness with the divine spirit
pure love in ecstasy.
Holding the colours of the rainbow
in perfect balance it finds
self awareness, seeing truth
transcendent over coarse desire
living and breathing love
it is love, pouring it forth
magnanimously, upon all, equally.
Oh, to stand in the house of God
at one with creation, to know
marvelling at the light
So far has this soul travelled
only to return back
to where it began
enriched, through experience
of life and the roots of love
to find it is all that ever was
and is
and will be
Standing with the great Spirit
hand in hand with the angels of light
its new purpose, to spread love
into every dark place in the cosmos
through time and space
lighting the way
for future travellers
as they trace their own path
home, to love.


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