Medtations on Love, part 5

The fifth poem in the series, with links to the previous poems;

Love – Epoch 1. Black
Love – Epoch 2. Red
Love – Epoch 3. Blue
Love – Epoch 4. Yellow

Love – Epoch 5. White

Pure white light enters
surging through head
and heart, and every cell.
The body suffused
with a crystal glow
sparkling, shimmering
as love expands
knowing no end
encompassing the sun
and stars, the universe.
Distant now from it’s beginnings
light, pure, and clear, free
from the heaviness of earth.
Spiritualised, pure and radiant
displaying the glory
of it’s true origin.
Love becomes all
the reason and purpose
The spirit sees that love
is creation, energy
the foundation of life
and all matter
Love is eternal, indestructible
Love has no opposite
Love is all.


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