Meditations on Love, part 4

The fourth poem in the series with links to the previous;

Love – Epoch 1. Black
Love – Epoch 2. Red
Love – Epoch 3 Blue

Love – Epoch 4. Yellow

Unfolding, as a flower
petals yielding to warm sunlight
spirit becomes aware.
It is not alone
compassion flows
from its softening heart
as love opens.
Light increases
vibration rises
from blue to yellow
the quickening of the soul
So too the yearning
to find the source
to understand this journey
the pain and joy, the why?
Love surrenders in the light
to a greater purpose
forsaking the ego
the first step
towards enlightenment.
Basking for a time in joy
knowing its sublime connection
with all, in the oneness of love
preparing for the dark night
when it must face
its own naked truth.


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