Meditations on Love, part 3

The third in the series with links to the previous poems;

Love – Epoch 1. Black

Love – Epoch 2. Red

Love – Epoch 3. Blue

The spirit flies through blue skies
across oceans, over mountains
forest and desert
Another traveller on the way
draws close, so tender
Black and red, the past
now subsumed by blue
enfolds them in peace
clean air permeates
through both, purifying
energising, joining together.
Joy spirals upwards
following the twists and turns
of their dance of love.

The union foretells
a greater story
one to come
the heights they will reach
beyond their dreams
if they keep love pure
fresh as morning dew.
Onwards, upwards
spirit sees manifest
the greater glory
untouchable yet
a diaphanous mist.
But faith grows
the seekers of truth.


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