Meditations on Love, part 2

The second poem in the series with a link to the previous;

Love-Epoch 1.Black

Love – Epoch 2. Red

Desire, burning red
the colour of blood
The spirit soars
in excitement
mistaken for love
but the ego revels
Passion, physically manifest
heart races, the illusion of one
The shallow way
scratching merely
the surface of life
and love
It begins, a fleeting thought
the feeling of angst
growing more real
Then realisation slams home
First fall, the soul crashes
the illusive dream
found and lost
Bonding of bodies
Blood ties
Over and over
revolving wheels of grief
Evolution stalls
then a final crushing defeat
springs the butterfly
from the prison of her cocoon
She sees a new horizon
as her wings spread
taking her to places
ne’er dreamed of before.


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