Meditations on Love

Over the next six days I will be posting a series of poems expressing the spiritual progress of love inspired by colour. Each poem stands on its own but the series runs as a unified whole from beginning to end, so please come back each day 🙂 I hope you enjoy these works and relate to the concepts and feelings portrayed.


Love – Epoch 1. Black

Love awakens, sunrise
on a new dawn
Light breaks
through darkness
A soul is born
freed from the grasp of earth
clinging, suffocating
The small spirit
reaches upwards
sensing light
as a plant breaking from seed
seeks nourishment
Animal becomes man
the first flush
a sense of what may be
of growth and life
tentative yet
a chrysalis
in the act of becoming
A journey ahead
destiny unclear
the thrashing scythe
of heartbreak
yet unknown
Onward spirit will travel
held in the hand of creation
loved and nurtured
though unaware
Groping in semi light
searching for solace
to connect if it knew how
Awakening, stretching
one step then another
Pitfalls plague the way
the learning begins
on the long road home.


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