What did they learn about us?

After the asteroid impact and subsequent global flooding of 2025 AD, now known as Year Zero NE (New Era), it took humanity half a millennium to return to a state of community, culture and science bearing any resemblance to its former state.
Ragged bands of survivors began to cluster together, battles were fought between the newly enlightened individuals and those still living with the ego driven mindset. The enlightened won the planet. Not through force, they shunned violence, but because they worked in harmony with the planet, Gaia, and she protected those who nurtured her pain; the battles were on a mental level. After a few generations the primitive humans had been wiped out by disease, sterility and their own in-fighting, while the enlightened rose to a higher level of vibration.
The world population gradually expanded, settling at a sustainable level of 1 billion people. Such was the sharing of resources nobody had to work in the traditional sense, there was no money. Some worked the land, others built homes, schools and healing centres, some were artists, musicians and writers. Those who worked the land provided food for all. The builders built homes for all. Those engaged in services to their fellow-man had all provided for them in exchange, a home, food and clothes. Everybody worked in a field which came naturally to them. Perfect balance, a state of euphoria existed never known before in the history of man.
As the culture developed, the study of science finally returned. The people knew everything they needed to know, the meaning of life, how to live in harmony with each other and nature in love and compassion. But, still human, they had curiosity about the world around them.
History also returned as a study. There were vague stories of the human state going back to Year Zero, but no knowledge of what was before that – before the Event. In time a group drew together with the intent of carrying out an archaeological investigation to answer the questions. Eventually they found a site that was fruitful, the remains of a city, buried deep below sand and rock. Digging was easy, mankind had developed the power to tune into creation with his mind and use his inner world to affect the outer. The digging was done by levitating the substrate and depositing it a distance away.
They delved into the past and began piecing together how man previously lived. The facts they learnt imbued them with a mixture of surprise, sadness and humour. It took many months to compile their report; much of what they found was so alien to current life it was often difficult to work out the purpose of many articles but eventually, by cross referencing they had everything figured out.
A brief synopsis of their report follows;
Humankind lived in an almost constant state of war. Can you believe this, they actually killed each other for money, land and over religion?
Money, a strange abstract concept, was the source of much grief and led to a great deal of unhappiness.
They didn’t share as we do; one percent of the population owned, contolled and held power over ninety nine percent of Gaia’s resources and people.
They raped and polluted Gaia with incredulous stupidity, slowly killing the planet for short-term gain, see money.
They transported themselves around the planet in cars, aircraft and ships using non renewable fuel taken from Gaia, adding to environmental damage and pollution. A strange and absurd situation. Albeit, they didn’t have our powers of mental projection travel, levitation, and psychokinesis.
As a light aside, we found one object that rather tickled us. They were obsessed with a device called a ‘mobile phone’. By the use of electromagnetic waves they could talk to others from far away, odd behaviou, but then they didn’t have our telepathic ability. The funny thing is they became so complex people didn’t seem to be able to live without them. Not content with one, they had a fascination with developing these things further and craved the next newest phone. Remarkable. And get this, one of the most common uses was something called a ‘selfie’, a photograph of the owner of the device. We found these items in a city which must have housed millions of people, didn’t they have any friends?
The final summary told how it was an interesting venture but they reburied the city, there was nothing they could learn from this primitive race.

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