Reflections of Time

Time slides by
Unforgiving as the power of tide
Yielding to no man
nor woman
nor child

The mirror tells a story
your story
of growth, and age, and decay
Cold glass reflects the eyes
but not the soul
enshrined behind the sagging flesh

Put self glory aside
Discard the looking glass
my beloved
For its vision is not mine
that of beauty radiant
the vibration
of your being
Beheld in the eyes of spirit

If the last mirror on earth
were shattered
never again
that false image

We will see our true wonder
As we look with yearning
into each other’s eyes
And see
our Love
reflected back

Illumined in passion and grace
piercing through the illusion
of sallow skin and
silver streaks
in hair now thin
Consummated joy in union
amongst the stars
For Eternity

12 thoughts on “Reflections of Time

    • Thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed it so much πŸ™‚ It is easy to become concerned about mortality if we lose the rememberence that it is but a passing phase in a much greater existence. Everything that has a beginning has an end, except for our true selves which are eternal.

  1. your poem is a beautiful truth, and reminds me in spirit of the short video ‘Hundreds of smiles’ (it’s by smilecalm on Youtube) πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely Robert. Growing old filled with grace and inner light is a lot better that worrying about sagging skin and chronic ailments and regrets for past now lost πŸ™‚

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