Meditations on Love, part 6

The final poem in the series, with links to all the previous;

Love – Epoch 1. Black
Love – Epoch 2. Red
Love – Epoch 3. Blue
Love – Epoch 4. Yellow
Love – Epoch 5. White

Love – Epoch 6. The Rainbow of Enlightenment

The final transition beckons
the soul has grown
ready now, one step
to true awakening
the unification
of self with self
Present in the now
this moment
bound with eternity and infinity
it reaches toward enlightenment
a hand is waiting
In an instant overcome with bliss
oneness with the divine spirit
pure love in ecstasy.
Holding the colours of the rainbow
in perfect balance it finds
self awareness, seeing truth
transcendent over coarse desire
living and breathing love
it is love, pouring it forth
magnanimously, upon all, equally.
Oh, to stand in the house of God
at one with creation, to know
marvelling at the light
So far has this soul travelled
only to return back
to where it began
enriched, through experience
of life and the roots of love
to find it is all that ever was
and is
and will be
Standing with the great Spirit
hand in hand with the angels of light
its new purpose, to spread love
into every dark place in the cosmos
through time and space
lighting the way
for future travellers
as they trace their own path
home, to love.

Medtations on Love, part 5

The fifth poem in the series, with links to the previous poems;

Love – Epoch 1. Black
Love – Epoch 2. Red
Love – Epoch 3. Blue
Love – Epoch 4. Yellow

Love – Epoch 5. White

Pure white light enters
surging through head
and heart, and every cell.
The body suffused
with a crystal glow
sparkling, shimmering
as love expands
knowing no end
encompassing the sun
and stars, the universe.
Distant now from it’s beginnings
light, pure, and clear, free
from the heaviness of earth.
Spiritualised, pure and radiant
displaying the glory
of it’s true origin.
Love becomes all
the reason and purpose
The spirit sees that love
is creation, energy
the foundation of life
and all matter
Love is eternal, indestructible
Love has no opposite
Love is all.

What Do You Eat, Living or Dead?

Four legs
Two legs
No legs but fins
Fellow creatures
Who walk this earth
Or swim the oceans
Rivers and lakes
Or soar in the sky
I will not harm
My needs are met
With plants
Energy of the growing seed
Sun blessed leaves
Sprouted beans
Magical foods
Soil plants
Nurtured by mother earth
Still living
As they join and become one
With me.
Leave the creatures
To live their lives
They have their own purpose
They do not belong to us
I do not need them
And what if I did
Partake of their flesh?
What do I consume?
Death and decay
Cold blood
Rotting tissue
The price of killing
A fellow-creature
Why do we do it
When we don’t need to?

I have been a vegan for the past 13 months or so. I have drifted in and out of vegetarianism throughout my life and had always considered veganism to be extreme. Something awoke in me last year when suddenly, I realised it is not extreme. I’m not a fanatic and haven’t gone to the extent of throwing away leather belts and shoes that I already own or researching to the nth degree what products contain a trace of animal product. Essentially I avoid eating, where possible, animal products; meat, fish, fowl and dairy.

Why? There are two main reasons.
1. Animal welfare – there is no such thing as compassion in farming, how can there be if you end up killing. There has to be distress. Why kill animals when we can get a balanced diet without doing so?
2. Health – I personally believe that, on the whole, it is a healthier diet if it is pursued with research to learn what the body needs.

You can argue on either or both points, but this is my truth :)

I am not trying to convert, it is wrong to try to change people in any respect, that is a cosmic law, to show and to inspire is the only way. Each must come to their own understanding.

Part of what changed me last year was the viewing of some videos; I guess they came to me when the time was right, as is so often the case; I was already on a quest. Here is a link to one of them; I encourage you to view it (all 95 minutes of it!) it should make you think 

EARTHLINGS – is the single most powerful and informative documentary about society’s tragic and unforgivable use of nonhuman animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby

The link should work, but if not, it’s all over YouTube and many other sources.

The Daily Post

Meditations on Love, part 4

The fourth poem in the series with links to the previous;

Love – Epoch 1. Black
Love – Epoch 2. Red
Love – Epoch 3 Blue

Love – Epoch 4. Yellow

Unfolding, as a flower
petals yielding to warm sunlight
spirit becomes aware.
It is not alone
compassion flows
from its softening heart
as love opens.
Light increases
vibration rises
from blue to yellow
the quickening of the soul
So too the yearning
to find the source
to understand this journey
the pain and joy, the why?
Love surrenders in the light
to a greater purpose
forsaking the ego
the first step
towards enlightenment.
Basking for a time in joy
knowing its sublime connection
with all, in the oneness of love
preparing for the dark night
when it must face
its own naked truth.

Meditations on Love, part 3

The third in the series with links to the previous poems;

Love – Epoch 1. Black

Love – Epoch 2. Red

Love – Epoch 3. Blue

The spirit flies through blue skies
across oceans, over mountains
forest and desert
Another traveller on the way
draws close, so tender
Black and red, the past
now subsumed by blue
enfolds them in peace
clean air permeates
through both, purifying
energising, joining together.
Joy spirals upwards
following the twists and turns
of their dance of love.

The union foretells
a greater story
one to come
the heights they will reach
beyond their dreams
if they keep love pure
fresh as morning dew.
Onwards, upwards
spirit sees manifest
the greater glory
untouchable yet
a diaphanous mist.
But faith grows
the seekers of truth.

Meditations on Love, part 2

The second poem in the series with a link to the previous;

Love-Epoch 1.Black

Love – Epoch 2. Red

Desire, burning red
the colour of blood
The spirit soars
in excitement
mistaken for love
but the ego revels
Passion, physically manifest
heart races, the illusion of one
The shallow way
scratching merely
the surface of life
and love
It begins, a fleeting thought
the feeling of angst
growing more real
Then realisation slams home
First fall, the soul crashes
the illusive dream
found and lost
Bonding of bodies
Blood ties
Over and over
revolving wheels of grief
Evolution stalls
then a final crushing defeat
springs the butterfly
from the prison of her cocoon
She sees a new horizon
as her wings spread
taking her to places
ne’er dreamed of before.

Meditations on Love

Over the next six days I will be posting a series of poems expressing the spiritual progress of love inspired by colour. Each poem stands on its own but the series runs as a unified whole from beginning to end, so please come back each day 🙂 I hope you enjoy these works and relate to the concepts and feelings portrayed.


Love – Epoch 1. Black

Love awakens, sunrise
on a new dawn
Light breaks
through darkness
A soul is born
freed from the grasp of earth
clinging, suffocating
The small spirit
reaches upwards
sensing light
as a plant breaking from seed
seeks nourishment
Animal becomes man
the first flush
a sense of what may be
of growth and life
tentative yet
a chrysalis
in the act of becoming
A journey ahead
destiny unclear
the thrashing scythe
of heartbreak
yet unknown
Onward spirit will travel
held in the hand of creation
loved and nurtured
though unaware
Groping in semi light
searching for solace
to connect if it knew how
Awakening, stretching
one step then another
Pitfalls plague the way
the learning begins
on the long road home.

A Friendly Quiz

Will you share with me your troubles; will you listen to mine?
Will you laugh with me and cry with me?
Will you hold my hand when life’s road trips me up?
Will you take mine when I offer support?
Will you tell me your deepest desires and understand mine?
Will you look me in the eye and feel comfortable?
Will you meet me half way if we disagree, yet not
compromise yourself, and expect the same from me?
Will you take a drink with me as we tell our life’s tale?
Will you stay by my side when the going gets tough?
Will you love all I am, as I love you?
Until the end of time?
If you can answer all yes, as one,
we shall forever be friends.

The Daily Post

The Joy of Autumn

Summer green bows and yields
to autumn hues of pastel
cool breeze slowing life

Leaves melt to red
ochre and orange, then drop
Sun lowers her orbit

Skin feels the growing chill
ice wind stings eyes
As logs crackle on open fire

Warm in the cave
harsh elements banned
Sipping mulled wine from crystal glass.

The joy of autumn!