Summer days
of warmth and light,
approach their close,
yielding to autumn,
chased by winter.
Days shorten, life slows,
flowers trust their seed
to the care of the soil,
charging it with energy
for the next cycle.

Birds fly south,
following the sun,
animals intern themselves
in hibernation
as the earth quietens,
heartbeats a tick
above extinction.
The joy of autumn colours,
red, orange and brown delight
but foretell the end.

Storms increase,
fallen leaves blow
across street, river and ocean.
Leafless trees bend to the wind,
natures fury unleashed
with purpose,
to cleanse and renew.

I bend too,
walking in wind and rain,
skin delights to the feel.
And the smell
from pavement and soil,
wet with natures flood.

Air, crisp and fresh,
filling my lungs,
as I gaze on starlit skies,
hair blowing free,
feeling the infinite
around me.

I shall not mourn
the passing of summer,
each season to their own;
never ending,
life unbounded.

The Daily Post

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