The Myth of Writers Block

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A third of the way through my second novel and I have never experienced writer’s block. I’m not the only one to believe it doesn’t exist.

Sure, there are times when writing doesn’t happen, my novel has been in hiatus for two weeks – other aspects of life have got in the way. But could I have written if I wanted to? Yes.

So what comes first; desire and purpose. You want to write and you have a reason; the love of writing, or to create, or pass on ideas and thoughts, to tell a story.

You’ve got the time; you make time by getting up early, switching off the TV, or just finding a regular slot. Any problem there is down to self control, determination or procrastination –not writer’s block. Those who achieve remarkable lives have the same 24 hours in a day that we all have. And you have your purpose; otherwise you wouldn’t want to write. Then, you sit down to write but nothing materialises and you call it writers block.

Writing is easy, good writing is hard work. We can all write at any time, something simple perhaps. Anybody with elementary literacy skills can write. So what is this writer’s block? You’re part way through a novel and you clam up. Perhaps you haven’t done enough planning, you’re feeling lost as to where the story is going, you don’t know what a character should do next. Go back to your plan if necessary, but then write – anything that may be the next stage of the story. It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong, doesn’t fit, or is just poor writing. Only you will see it, that’s what re-writing and editing is about. Or, write on your blog, create some flash fiction, write some poetry, write a fictitious letter of complaint, loosen up and get the juices flowing. Proving you can write, if proof were needed.

Still stuck? The main reason, I believe, for this myth, is the fear of failure. That what you write will not be good enough. We are not perfect, our writing will never be perfect, but we strive towards it, learning and improving. But we can get hung up on our feelings of inadequacy. Writer’s block doesn’t exist; it’s an excuse for our fears, nothing more.

I’ve written these thoughts from the perspective of novel writing, after my own personal struggles with some of the above issues e.g. how to start the next chapter. I have never seen them as writer’s block; procrastination, idleness, lack of drive, perhaps 🙂 If your stuck for a blog post, it’s the same thing, write. If it’s crap you may not get so many likes or comments. So what? Get over it.  A writer writes!

These are my views and my truths, they may not be yours but I hope there may be something of use to you. I have touched lightly on the subject, but if you haven’t come across them before here are some links to a coupe of excellent free eBooks, enjoy 🙂

Creative Blocks

Good Enough

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