The Road Back to You

The miles roll by, never seeming to end,
grey tarmac hums and throbs beneath tyres.
White lines, mesmerising; flash, flash, flash.
The radio plays romantic songs; thinking
of you, so far away, under a different sky.
Awaiting a kiss.

How many hours gone? How many more?
Sky darkens, sun hidden, rain splatters down,
on hot road, sizzling. Wipers; swish, swash, swish.
I speed on, longing for your lips; to hold,
to caress, to rest and dwell in your arms.
Awaiting a kiss.

One more hour will see it done, the endless
highway finished. A juggernaut, must overtake,
faster, I thunder by; beep, honk, beep,
flashing lights; another lonely freeway traveller.
Does he long the same, like me, for love?
Awaiting a kiss?

Racing heart fights with tired mind, home
so near, last junction beckons. Fingers stretch
on clammy wheel. Indicators flash; tick, tick, tick.
House lights beckon, warm, inviting. Parking brake
on, engine dies. You are waiting, smiling. Ready.
A long awaited kiss.

Prompted by The Daily Post


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