Steps of Musical Understanding

A young boy

 loved to make a noise

he banged a drum,

though raucous

his mind heard a tune.


The boy grew

a piano came to hand

 some lessons he took

 a guide to the wonder

 of melody, its heavenly beauty.


He became a man

the gleam and timbre of brass

took his delight.

a trombone his instrument of choice

the slide, oh so sweet!


The man travelled, far and wide,

something different

became his need

and a guitar, for many hours

played until his fingers burned.


Caressing the strings and neck

discovering styles

and sounds of play

 his friend through long years

beside him all the way.


Still she is charming

and ready, always

but he finds the spirit

of music all around

for music is vibration, life itself.


He hears the song of trees and water

of wind and colour and paintings

 the thought vibration of words

the rocks and mountains

for they all have life.


Now he strives to blend his will

with the tune

of divine creation

and his consciousness with

the rhythm of the one life force.


To play the ultimate tune.


11 thoughts on “Steps of Musical Understanding

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