Away with sweet!


There is far too much sugar in our diets today, few would disagree. Neither would most contest that it is bad for our health in excessive quantities, and excessive consumption is not rare. We can do without it, indeed it was not introduced into Britain until the 1600’s. And so, if I had to lose a taste, sweetness would be it. By far, I prefer savoury food and most of the main meals I cook are Asian, predominantly Indian;


The Curry is King

Tongue in raptures, delicious flavours
to delight the palate. Bitter, sweet,
sour and tang of salt.
Spices to stimulate all
vibrations of my being.

Perfecting the balance, ever
striving to concoct the
ultimate gastronomic high.
What should I lose? Nay
not one, all must reveal.

But one I must leave behind.
Of what could I live without?
The heat and fragrance
of exotic spices? I’d rather
lose the breath of life.

Salt, to season, so fine,
no chef would be without.
Bitter and sour, the fire of life,
I see no future without their kind.
And so dear sweet and sugary food.

It is you that must go, for
what would I miss but chocolate,
cookies and sweet desserts.
Little loss to save the thrill
of the master curry.


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