The Life of a Comma

A tricky fellow,

the comma,

seemingly simple,

but no,

he’ll tie you in knots

and change your intent.

Eats shoots and leaves,

is the diet of

a placid animal.

But what of eats,

shoots and leaves?


how potent he is.

Dangerous yet,

in the wrong hands.

Let’s eat grandma,

oh dear,

we didn’t mean it!

And careful with him,

in a list,

with his bedfellow ‘and’.

Errant, or present where

he should not be,

he twists and turns

your words

to his own decree.

The Daily Promt – By The Dots


6 thoughts on “The Life of a Comma

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  3. Delightful poem! I have a most dangerous relationship with the comma. I actually have Lynne Truss’s little punctuation book, “Eat, Shoots & Leaves,” sitting on my bookshelf. Your post makes me want to pull it out and actually read it! 😀

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