Write Place

A story begins, a flash
of inspired vision.
A plot takes form; colour, texture,
sound. I see, I hear.
Characters draw breath, as real as you
or I. A new world is born.

Friends I find there, we share
kinship and care.
The strong and the weak, all,
good or bad.
Tell me how you live and love?
I ask, they tell.

The toil begins, words flow, a line,
a paragraph, a page.
Ever on I write, distractions beset my thoughts.
I find a place of quiet and write
in ecstacy.

Then peace eludes me, people, noise,
but still I write.
The story rises above the chaos,
It will not be stilled.
I continue, oblivious in my new world until,
A lifetime later, the story ends.

Prompted by The Daily Post


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