This Writers Crazy Cream

An ice cream which would emulate my personality; come with me on a gastronomic experiment.

My exterior is calm and at peace, quiet and composed. So the dish should look benign, no fancy colours, textures or presentation.

Internally, my mind and personality has many depths; adventurous, a risk taker, a lover of life and sensual pleasures. Now, what springs to mind is a spicy ice cream. Indian food is my favourite, made at home most days, hot is good, so a curry ice cream would be a wacky experiment.

Yes, there’s kulfi, a traditional Indian desert, sometimes laced with aromatic spices and nuts. But I’m suggesting a full-blown hot spice curry recipe, a combination of chilli powder, turmeric, ground cumin and ground coriander as a minimum.

The ice cream would ease the heat of the chilli, much like yoghurt based riata or even plain milk does, so the dish could pack quite a punch.

I’m getting the urge to give this a try! Any other takers? 🙂


Prompted by the Daily Post


5 thoughts on “This Writers Crazy Cream

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