Vending Hell

I stepped out from my cosy wood cabin and beheld a clear blue sky from the top of a lofty mountain, an azure sea shimmered far below. The air was warm and dry. I looked across the land I owned and saw beautiful animals and birds playing in my garden. It was the land of my dreams.

A noise alerted me, shaking me from my reverie of wonderment. A deep growl drew closer. A lumbering, hairy beast stumbled out of the trees with a drooling mouth and angry eyes. The thing was the size of an elephant, but fast and agile on its four legs, it saw me. The creature paused a moment and then charged. I ran back inside the cabin. It didn’t follow, but prowled the exterior looking for trouble.

Next, the earth shook as the mountain next to mine began to collapse. Weird flying monstrosities fled from its summit. The sky darkened. This was all going wrong. How did I come to be here? I thought back.

It was like any other vending machine, but with a small doorway in the side; it sold new lives. I deposited my coins in a slot, the device whirred and the display prompted me to enter. Inside, I spent 30 minutes selecting my choices from a huge range of lifestyles and places, and then I hit the ‘Enter’ button.

I remember now, the warning sign I’d been too excited to take note of; “Please note. Ensure you clear all selections you do not want; else they may appear in your new world. This may take some time. Happy New Life.”


Prompted by The Daily Post


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