Sleep Procrastination

Daily Prompt – Sleepy Time


I seem to have an OCD like compulsion to fit in as much in a day as I can. By the time I relax, ‘out-time’ to me is watching a little TV, when it’s already late. Similar to the desire to fill the day with activity is getting the quota of relaxation time which I think I deserve. Too often this means watching not one, but two films in succession, going to bed at ‘ridiculous o’clock’. Then I beat myself up over it, knowing I’m going to be tired in the morning!

Other days I carry on with novel writing and pursue that until the late hours. Unfortunately I’m not an easy early riser and while I have to do a full time job and write novels (one day things will change!), most of my writing takes place at the end of the day. So many people suggest making time to write by starting the day an hour or two earlier, to fit it in before work. As much as I’d love to, my duvet doesn’t let me get away so easily! Added to the problem is working shifts, 12 hour days and nights, which plays havoc with the body clock.

But, apart from other interests, writing is a passion I can pursue almost any time any place. If that results in sleep procrastination or even a little deprivation, it is worth it!


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