For a Day Only

The Daily Post – To be a celebrity or famous person for a day?

If I could, well, I’d take the chance for a day, no longer.

Fame is overrated and celebrity is crass, especially celebrity worship. To be famous for a day I would choose to be an author whose novel has broken out and become an international best seller. To be interviewed on what motivated me, what my inspiration was. That would be fun for a day. A touch of glamour and glitz, to be feted and put on a pedestal.

But bring  me back to reality before I lose my head. I want to remain who I am, me. Fame can turn your world upside down until you lose touch with who you are. Who you are is the person inside, the guiding element behind your creative mind, in tune with the ultimate. With fame it is too easy to lose that and become identified with a false ego, a false you that has been made by the media and followed blindly by the masses. You are that special person, greater than the rest. But nobody is the greatest for long, and then the ego’s world comes crashing down like the pillars of a temple. Doubt sets in, ‘I must survive’ says the ego. It fights but cannot win, it is laid bare for what it is worth, a phantom generated by your false belief in what the masses have told you, but it is not real, it is formless.

There are celebrities and famous people by the score, who have money, opportunity, stardom, everything they ever dreamed of. But how many can’t sustain a relationship, or cling to drink or drugs or in some other way lose the plot? They based their status on the ego.

I’ll settle for quiet success, not fame and glory 🙂




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