The Old Ones

Daily Prompt – Antique Antics -What’s the oldest thing you own? (Toys, clothing, twinkies, Grecian urns: anything’s fair game.) Recount its history — from the object’s point of view.

I will speak for both of us, for we are a pair. We have been together for many years, travelling far. For those who can’t see us, we are cobras, made of brass. Our tails turn in a flat coil to form a base for us to stand unaided, our heads held high. Our purpose is to hold candles, one apiece; a hat sits upon each of our heads with a socket to take the base of a candle.

We have been polished, oh how grand we look when we shine, and neglected until we wear a dull patina. In time we have been cared for again, and so the cycle repeats. But enough of us, what have we seen through our lifeless eyes, of you and your kin? Ah, the tales we could tell would fill a book, but I will give you some notion.

We were together with your grandparents and long before. We were present when your parents met. We passed into their ownership. We have witnessed romantic dinners as the centrepiece of the table. We have heard laughter and seen tears, and been privy to the secrets of your lives; observing all, even when we have lain in a corner suffering neglect.

I saw your birth as you sprang from your mother’s womb in her bed at home. Your sister was born in hospital, but we were there when she came home, wrapped tight and cooed over. Your daughter also burst into life before our eyes, wondrous times. We saw you grow, all of you, never far from your lives as the years passed, on and on, as they still do.

After passing through the generations, you care for us now, my friend. You clean and shine us occasionally, we thank you for that. We have adorned your table too and we know your joys and your heartbreaks.

What of our future? Who knows where it will take us, but we will be here long after you have parted this world. We ask only this, leave us to a good home within your family. You belong to us.


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