Seeds of Time

Daily Prompt
Terminal Time

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time?

No phone, no email, no iPad or laptop.
No problem!

A time for imagination.
I have pen, paper, a drink.

I take a seat. I watch and listen.
People, people, everywhere.

Telling their stories, hugging, kissing, arguing.
I see a man, ordinary looking, I search out his uniqueness.

My pen makes hurried notes.

A conversation, an attractive woman and her mother.
Intimate talk of a husband, career and children.

The pen continues to move.

My head turns, more characters, more words spoken.
The page fills with scribbles.

Two hours pass, then three, then four.
I stop watching and read.

Ideas evolve, the muse says ‘hello!’ A story erupts.
A plot forms, of ordinary people going about their lives.

An extraordinary situation comes to mind.
I have characters, those I have watched.

I plunge them into the circumstances and observe their reactions.
Rapid writing, arrows, links, elimination, I am in flow.

My flight is called. I smile.

Faces; angry, bored, lifeless, waiting.
I give them thanks in mind and smile at them.

I have a new novel to write.
I praise the delay and nothing better to do.


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