My Books – Update

My first novel, Ragged Heart, has just finished its second edit and, wow, I’m excited about it! Six weeks after finishing the first draft, and a previous read through, there are still parts which bring me to tears. That’s not to say its all a tear jerker by any means. There is action, a bit of adventure, intrigue, a touch of humour and a couple of hot love scenes, and more!

I’m putting the book away now for at least six weeks until the next edit, to look at it afresh. Having said that, on the last read it felt as though  I was looking at it for the first time on occasion, to the extent that I though OMG, did I write that! I’m really fired up about writing now, it is an amazing feeling to create your own world of characters, plot and circumstance.

My second novel is a sci-fi/disaster story. About 15,000 words completed so far and going well. The title I have chosen is ‘The Sagittarius Incident’, though this may change as the book develops. I don’t have a synopsis for it yet as I’m not working to a plot, but check back here in a couple of weeks. For now, the story commences in ancient Egypt, about six thousand years ago, and an alien visitation. Then we fast forward to the not too distant future and the result of the visit, something that was left behind by the aliens, and it’s not good! Curious? So am I, having only a vague idea of the story outline!

Other work; well, there’s a cover to design for Ragged Heart and some short story or flash fiction writing to do as diversions from the novel, because I must, I love writing!


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