Opting Out

You just inherited $1,000,000 from an aunt you didn’t even know existed. What’s the first thing you buy (or otherwise use the money for)?


The million dollars came into my hands twelve months ago, after the passing of my dear old Aunt Agnes. I hadn’t expected it, none of us knew how rich she was. It was unreal in the beginning.


I was already pursuing my dream of being a writer, ploughing in many hours a week in between my day job and other commitments. A long road, but I was aiming for success eventually, I knew it would come.


Other family members gained a similar inheritance. They bought things. flash cars, bigger houses, expensive holidays, you know, all the things the masses are duped into believing will give them happiness. Are they happy now? No, not one of them is any happier than they were. Some of them are actually miserable.


As for me, what did I do? I bought my freedom. to live on my own terms. I quit my day job and set sail across the ocean to the Caribbean on my yacht, and now I write. All day, every day, I write. I have two novels already published, the third is undergoing its final edit. I lived off the inheritance, a small part of it, for the first few months. Now I don’t touch it. My income from writing exceeds that of my old day job.


‘Am I happy?’ You ask.


I am writing this sitting in the sun in Antigua, watching my yacht riding gently to her anchor, a glass of rum punch is in my hand and my girlfriend is smiling at me. I completed the first chapter of a new novel this afternoon. In a few weeks I have an expenses paid trip to New York, courtesy of my publisher, for a book signing and then on to Seattle to perform as a guest speaker at a writers conference. Next week we may sail north west to the British Virgin Islands, then again, we may head south to St Lucia. We have many friends here on yachts, its a global community, our biggest decision is who we would like to follow to new horizons. We have been invited to a beach barbecue tonight, last night it was a poolside party with an amazing live band. There is too much to tell, too many wonderful sights, stories and people to tell you about. Some other time perhaps.


Do you really need to ask if I am happy?


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