Ragged Heart synopsis. My debut novel, first draft completed.

Actually, it was completed a month ago, but I’ve only just started this blog. I’m now into the editing process and the search for a book cover. It is my intention to create my own cover, I know some people say go professional, but budget counts and I’m very much a DIY’er in all aspects of my life. Hell, if you’ve got the creativity to write your own book then surely that creative process can be extended to the cover design!

It will be the end of this year before editing is complete and the book is published so I believe there is plenty of time to invest in perfecting a cover. I’ve found several resources for using PowerPoint or Word and I also have access to GIMP. Which way I go is yet to be decided but I will post links/method in due course.

Here is the synopsis for Ragged Heart;

Mike had everything to look forward to, a successful Army career drawing to a close, a beautiful wife with her own business and two wonderful children. No stranger to the horrors of war, he is injured on duty and a young Afghan girl, bearing a likeness to his daughter, dies in his arms. The physical wounds will heal quickly, but the mental trauma begins to tear his life apart. Battling to save his marriage and sanity he embarks on a sailing trip to the Scottish Islands only to be plunged into a world of damaged people and a plot to steal an historic relic. Finally his daughter contracts a life threatening illness.

Help comes from an unusual source. Can he win his personal battle, overcome his demons and return to the life he knew?

An adventure, love story and thriller about lives pitted against the trials of circumstance, exploring the depths of the human condition. A roller coaster ride of emotion and interpersonal relationships.

I’ll be posting sample chapters later, further down the editing path.

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